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View Full Version : Sooooo, how do you manage?

08-27-2013, 08:24 PM
This is a GREAT problem to have but I'm wondering............how do you all manage your time? LOL I own my own bakery, homeschool, very active in my church, now add Plexus and of course every wifely/motherly duty that we also have to do daily. I am just now within the last 3 weeks actually WORKING my business and my goodness the calls, emails, fb messages etc that are coming in are CRAZY!!! Yesterday we were trying to help my assistant pastor pack up their house and I tended to 12 calls in just a matter of a few hours! Now not all of them were customers but downline with questions etc. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do when this gets BIG LOLOLOL

Just wondering how you all do your balancing act! I need to get a plan now because this is going to be SO BIG that it's just going to go beyond anything I can fathom! We are so blessed with an AMAZING company :) :) :)


08-28-2013, 08:28 AM
It does seem crazy at times, doesn't it Krista? I love your attitude for your company! I have a crazy schedule with my kids so parties are out of the question for me. I do almost 100% of my business online and work it through out the day. I don't really have a set schedule but with mobile technology I find it really easy to work online anywhere and everywhere I go. I can easily respond to leads via email while sitting poolside waiting for my kid's swim lesson to be over. But in general, early morning is best for me when everyone's still sleeping. I'll do the bulk of my writing in the am and networking online throughout the day. And I have a large team so it's doable :)

Jersey Girl
08-28-2013, 12:34 PM
I am also trying to keep up with everything which like you said is such a great problem to have, and so going to blow up. I do not home school and my 6 year old starts kindergarten next week. I am so going to get my house organized I think I need to get even more ocd then I am now lol.. one of my girlfriends shared this and I have to look into it myself hope this helps you .Neat way to help you get organized!
#1 Family Calendar Keeps Everyday Life Organized | Cozi Simplifies Family Life (http://www.cozi.com/)

Jersey Girl
08-28-2013, 12:38 PM
this is also an article I found on the wahm resources before you sign in ~

11 Ways To Stay Organized When You Work At Home
Staying productive while working at home requires creating a workspace, staying semi-formal, and creating a schedule that includes breaks.
By Jennifer Parr

When you decided to become a work from home mom, you imagined how productive you would be. Not only would you be able to throw a load of dishes into the dishwasher, but you’d be able to fold clothes while on a telephone conference call, too.

Now that you’re actually working from home, not only are the dishes piling up in the sink, but you haven’t done laundry in two weeks, either. And the clean clothes? Forget it. They’re in an ever-shrinking pile in the corner of your bedroom.

So what happened to being organized? Ironically, it’s harder to be organized when you work at home than when you’re in a traditional office job. But there are ways to stay organized and be productive when you work from home. Read on to see how—and to see when you should really be washing your delicates.

Create your workspace. If you don’t already have an office space or an extra bedroom that you can convert into an office, you should take a walk around your house. Pick a spot that is not smack dab in the center of the action—like the kitchen counter—and where you won’t be fighting with mops, brooms or other household items. Choose a location that can be yours indefinitely, and make that your dedicated space.

Set your hours. If you don’t already have a schedule set by your boss, it’s a good idea to come up with one. Having regular hours ensures that you can get your work done in a timely manner without working over your allotted hours. It also keeps you on track—and focused—by giving you a deadline by which to complete your work each day. If you work a little here, and a little there, you might end of stretching an 8 hour day into a 10 or 12-hour workday—and your mind will be scattered.

Make a list. In order to stay organized, a list (or four) is essential. When you make the list is up to you—you can carve 15 minutes at the end of your day to assess what needs to be done for the next workday, or you can write it all down the next morning while your computer is loading. A list is extremely helpful because it is a tangible reminder of what you need to get done during your day, before daily distractions interfere.

Be semi-formal. When you worked in a traditional office, you had to wear a suit every day…even during summer Fridays. By far, one of the major perks of a work at home job is that you can show up to work (i.e. your desk) wearing whatever you want. But that doesn’t mean you should work in your jammies all day, either. Showering, changing out of your PJs and putting on something professional (yet comfortable) is a key step in helping you to mentally transition into work mode. After all, if you look and feel sloppy, it can cause you to be disorganized in your thoughts—and your work as well.

Find your peak hours. Everyone has a time of day when they feel their best. Perhaps you’re a morning person, capable of getting most of your to-dos done by noon. But you might be a night owl, coming up with your best ideas—and increased productivity—while the rest of the world slumbers. Figure out when you have the most energy, and then adjust your schedule accordingly, giving yourself tougher tasks to perform when you’re at your peak and feel the freshest.

Avoid doing housework. You innocently slip downstairs to put your bedspread into the washer when you notice that the kids have left their breakfast dishes in the family room. As you put the dirty dishes in the sink, you replace the paper towel roll and wipe down the counter. Without realizing it, 20 minutes have passed—and so has your deadline. While it makes sense to do some housework when you work at home, it can be one of the biggest distractions. It may not be the most exciting way to spend your lunch hour, but organize your household activities for your break times instead.

Clear your desk…daily. At the end of each workday, clear the clutter from your desk. File important papers in folders and shred the rest. Wipe down your desk (including your keyboard, mouse and screen) and remove any lingering coffee cups. The idea is to leave your desk as you would like to see it the next morning, clean, neat and organized. That way, you will feel energized—and not deflated—when you sit down at your desk tomorrow.

Screen your calls. Your family and friends all know that you work from home. So why does your Aunt Linda constantly call you at 10:30 AM, right when you’re in a mid-morning work groove? People who don’t work from home have a hard time understanding that while you are home, you are actually working. So it’s a good idea to clarify to your callers that you can’t be interrupted during certain hours. But if your bestie keeps ringing your number, it’s best not to pick up the phone. That way, your clamoring callers will get the hint, and you won’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

Take breaks. It may seem counterintuitive to take breaks when you’re trying to stay organized and maximize productivity, but you’ll be far more successful if you take mini breaks throughout the day. To help add order to your day, try to take your break at the same times throughout the day.

Focus on one task at a time. Sure, everyone wants to consider themselves master multitaskers, but the reality is that humans can really only do one thing at a time effectively. So shine some of that laser-like focus only on one project, and do it really well. After all, if you have 10 windows open on your two computer screens, are on a conference call while you write that press release that was due an hour ago, you’re going to do a bad job at all of it. Like everything else, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Be flexible. You may have done everything possible to ensure a distraction-free day. But then your child became ill and had to come home early from day camp. The thing is, when you are a work at home mom, things happen. And since you’re most likely the manager of your home, it’s up to you to handle it all. So don’t beat yourself up if your day isn’t as productive as you might have liked it to be. One of the beauties of having a flexible schedule is that you can—and must—be adaptable. When your sick camper hits the hay, you can always jump back on the computer to complete your work—and get it all done.

While working from home has so many benefits, it can be an ocean of distractions if you don’t know how to navigate it properly. Stay focused to keep a clear, organized workflow, and watch your productivity soar.

08-28-2013, 06:01 PM
nv, thanks!!!! I'm sure I will figure this out. I did it with another company once before BUT I didn't have a bakery (which I would gladly put on hold if/when this goes viral LOL) and I wasn't homeschooling a 9 year old and 11 year old AND my husband wasn't home 24/7 because he lost his job hahahahahahaha We are REALLY hoping that we will be able to build our business online too. We are trying to learn how to do this and it might be a slow process but we are determined!

08-28-2013, 06:06 PM

THANKS! I'm looking at Cozi right now, it looks AWESOME!!! The article is great and dead on for where I am right now, I a m going to have to put some of those things into action. I know last week I had all these plans and honestly the house went the entire week with hardly being touched! AHHHH. I am one of those ocd people that if my house is chaos , so it seems everything else in my life is also!!!!

Thanks for the tips! I'm REALLY excited for what's to come and I would really like to be somewhat organized and be able to help other team members that are going through the same thing :)

I'm also working on a binder right now with different sections for biz to do list, people on trials, those interested, possible ambassadors, to contact etc.......need to put a calendar in there too.

I am SO PSYCHED tonight, just had someone contact me on FB that I hadn't talked to and she signed up with a welcome order tonight and when it works for her, she is going to work it as a business! This is so awesome. Having a product that sells itself is the bomb :) :) :)

Jersey Girl
08-28-2013, 07:05 PM
whoop whoop Krista so glad you are so excited and you are so welcome girl.. I hope to get myself very organized with over a 150 team members I need to really work on my time management myself and come up with a system also.. Good luck and I love we can share with each other.:)

08-28-2013, 07:21 PM
holy cow girl 150 team members............I think I have like 20 ROTFLMBO ;) I need to get organized NOW cuz at 150 I might be pulling my hair out hahahaha

I LOVE that we can share with each other too!!! I'm so glad that we have our own folder!!!

Jersey Girl
08-28-2013, 07:49 PM
yes it just keeps exploding its crazy.. I just got my retreat update and so excited because I earned the retreat, the special event(spa) and the 300 for the travel. Still hoping to get the additional points by Sept.15th 1800 level .. So you can imagine how scattered I am right now.. I have to say however , I am loving every minute :) I just had an ambassador go Sr. Gold, one go Gold and one more I hope will hit Gold by Sat. and 5 silvers and a couple more who only need one more. Feeling very blessed. You are going to move up ranks fast also I know it.