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View Full Version : Nice experiences promoting Avon!

07-14-2013, 05:43 PM
Last week went to the local high rise. The lover of Avon and mark products who is 99 now (it was funny how she made sure to tell me she just turned 99 when I was there to see her this past Sunday!) ended up purchasing over $60 of items from me. She's one who likes to see products in hand a lot of times so was glad had purchased that one white watch, the one with the crystals around the dial, ahead of time so could show it to her personally. She loved it and said it would go with a lot of her gold jewelry. Easy sell!

Plus had also let her smell the perfumed skin cream (Rare Diamonds) and right away she wanted that, loving it. She had purchased two jewelry sets from me a little previous to this and she loved each one and oohed and ahhed them upon opening them. :) She is actually in pretty good shape for 99...bouncing up and down from the chair to get something or look at things (better than me, 30 plus years her junior egads). And her male companion/friend was there the whole time, taking it all in. He's quite nice actually and sometimes we compare notes on our health problems (stenosis for one).

Couldn't get that other woman home, the one who has this male friend who seemed excited that he felt he had gotten me a customer. Since she didn't answer her door just left the catalog with the man instead. He ended up purchasing some more men's fragrance that I had w/me. He's starting to become a good customer, but it took work and several visits. I called him yesterday regarding how he liked his fragrance and about his woman friend and he said that his friend definitely wants to place an order but she wasn't home yesterday. He felt she'd be calling me with her order soon.

After going to several apts in this high rise (hubby was w/me the whole time--he came in handy for the 99 year old to get an extra hole punched in to her watch band as she has a very small wrist now...she was praising him all over the place, so that made a hit w/him of course ;) ) and leaving catalogs went out for Chinese food at a local buffet. You would not believe the interest that was there with Avon! WOW...Even I couldn't believe it, and have been doing this Avon thing for several years. LOL

These two waitresses saw my bottle of 'Secrets to Keep' fragrance sitting on the table after we were done eating (husband had gone to another part of this restaurant to chat with friends we knew, so the gals and I could 'talk Avon'). I also put a catalog near the fragrance on the table.

The first gal comes by and sees the fragrance and immediately starts spraying it on her wrist/arm, and then she calls the other gal that was in our area over to check it out too, all excited. They're both spraying themselves with fragrance, so I tried to tell them to be careful because of handling food, etc. Not sure if they understood me all that well but they then focused on the catalog. Actually had really just wanted them to See what I had w/me but they had other ideas! ;)

Then they both start looking (and drooling!) over the #16 catalog. Certain things really caught their eye such as the 'leopard' tote at the front of the catalog, the red tweezers (they both loved this, so will try to have it along w/me for next time) and the shoes plus many other things. Wasn't sure if they'd go nuts ordering stuff, so told them just one item for right then as it would be the first time ordering for them; and I assured them I would be back to the restaurant again.

Which worked out well, as the one gal saw the jewelry roll we have for sale and wanted that, then upon her seeing her fellow waitress eyeing it up as well as she was showing it to her, she got one for HER too after she left to wait on someone...the first one whispered to me, 'don't tell her!' So apparently she purchased this extra one as a gift for her friend. Nice friend, huh? ;) So cute!

This was quite an experience for me and will definitely do this again, seeing all the interest there at this buffet, and this was just with two of the waitresses that were in our section. There were more waitresses/greeters out by the cashier area and another separate room so will have to get them involved too. <<smile>>

Fortunately it was getting kind of late and there weren't all that many customers to wait on for them; and they assured me they wouldn't get into any trouble for looking at the catalog I had with me. The one waitress, seeing I had an Avon bag alongside me on the seat (the black cloth one) kind of leans over me and wants me to show her what else I had with me. At that point, because of having been to the high rise, was pretty well cleaned out but did have some eye liners w/me. She purchased one right then and there for herself. Now mind you, I had asked them whether they wore eye liner right before this, describing it in a sort of 'sign language' to them but they said no, they didn't want any of these. The one though wanted it right then and there when she had it in hand.

So...will have to stock up on some more Avon products for next time!

May get some of those smaller tubes of the hand creams to show them too. They probably have their hands in water a lot and could use the extra help for dry skin on their hands, would think.

Came home very happy to have had such a great afternoon/evening and full of ideas for future visits to the high rise and the Chinese buffet! <<smile>>


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