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Jessica Golden
04-30-2013, 08:18 AM
I know they exist and they are normally not much of a problem. Lately though, its all I have been getting. You know who they are. I call them freeloaders. They're the ones that come into the room wanting a free yes/no question or a daily card reading, or they flat out ask if they can have a free question. They NEVER buy no matter whether you answer them or not, and they just keep on asking for more. I tell them that I don't do free readings in free chat unless I am doing a demo reading. To which they then leave my room.

How do you deal with the freeloaders?

Jaqub Jackson
05-01-2013, 10:05 PM
Jessica, I'm looking for love and want to know if you see me meeting the right person in my local nightclub. Could you please reach the other side and find the answer for me?

Only kidding. You know because you work in this field, people automatically think you are super nice and do things for free. Well generally people in this field are nicer than in say the gambling community, but still you are offering a valuable service so I feel your pain.

I suggest having a few template responses to deal with various situations. Make your responses nice and tactful, and let them know that although you would like to help, you need to focus on your clients. If they are offended about this, it's really not your problem

Aeracura's LLC
05-17-2013, 06:23 AM
What I do with them is I tell them I do not do readings in the chat, however I would be happy to pull an oracle message card for them. It is all pre written, all I am doing is reading. I am not pulling Tarot at all because then they go look at the book meaning so why waste my interpretation energy. It seems to work. One got snotty, I told them those were the rules, she said they suck, I said I don't make them, contact support. She left.

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