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View Full Version : Favorite new pieces? Surprises?

04-11-2013, 06:53 AM
Hey ladies! I just wanted to check in and see what people thought about the new jewelry they purchased. Were there any pieces you absolutely loved?

Any surprise favorites?

Any pieces that you didn't find yourself liking as much as you thought?

I can't buy everything and love to get input on people's real experiences with pieces to help my customers decide whether to purchase something I don't have in my display.

Share what you think and I'll share mine!

04-13-2013, 08:02 AM
I've been on a ring binge lately ;) I'm a bit on the fence with the new red Samba ring, but the Showtime ring is right up my alley!

The Boho earrings that came out in February are my all time FAVORITE Silpada earrings and that's saying alot! I wear them constantly.

04-13-2013, 08:46 PM
From the February new pieces, I am loving the simply sequin bracelet. I wear it nearly every day - on my watch hand when it doesn't work with what I am wearing on my bracelet (left) arm because I love wearing it!

The big surprise for me was the love knot bracelet. I got it so I could see it, expecting not to like it, but I actually love it and wear it a lot! It's great, too, for women who like a more delicate look, although I layer it up with everything else!

Same thing with the raindrop ring. At first, I didn't like the thinness, but after I wore it a few times, I really "got" the piece. It's a fabulous price point ($39) for a piece that gives a larger statement on the hand, and I find myself coming back to it more and more!

I love the lapis pieces, but the earrings are my favorite. I am not as excited about the sky stone necklace or the paradise necklace. I really wanted to love the paradise but the light colored leather cord is very casual for the way I dress. I kept taking it off the leather cord and trying it with other necklaces, which was really fun. Plus, I love the versatility of it being double-sided. But it flips around a lot on other chains and I find myself looking down to see turquoise when I want lapis or vice versa. But I have had enough time with it to be able to share the wonderful versatility of the piece with my customers, which is great!

I also got both the charm school necklace and the clear skies necklace, deciding I would keep the one I liked best and returned the other. I really expected to pick clear skies, since I love pearls and turquoise, but to my surprise, it was charm school that won my heart! It is much more versatile than I expected!

Love your review of the boho earrings. That necklace has been tempting me as it is SUCH a beautiful statement piece. I have also heard great reviews about the rendezvous earrings - apparently, they are worth every penny of the price and are the new favorite earrings of some of my fellow reps!

I have to wait until I see the supplement pieces before giving my review. So hard to know until we get a chance to wear them!

04-23-2013, 09:51 AM
I just saw the Showtime ring this weekend and it is an absolute MUST HAVE! I have a fundraiser on Sunday, and it is the #1 piece I am ordering from the new catalog.

Tiffany has one for over $300 that is sterling silver with three bands, except none of them are hammered. Ours has one hammered band and is under $60. Love it!

I think it is going to be a huge seller.