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View Full Version : Silpada Newbie Question

03-21-2013, 03:18 PM
I've been a quiet observer of WAHM for quite a while, and finally felt the urge to join!

So I've finally been exposed to the world of Silpada and am in LOVE. I'm highly allergic to nickel, so all of the fun costume jewelry (which breaks after a few wears anyways) usually causes my skin to turn colors or worse, a rash! So Silpada is great news to me. But I do have a question regarding orders...

What throws me off are the minimum 10 individual guest orders per party. Can someone explain the hosting breakdown, and if I were to host my own party would I still need to have these 10 orders from 10 different individuals? What happens if I fall short?

Sorry if it's a silly question - I just couldn't find a great answer anywhere on the forums. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

03-22-2013, 04:07 AM
I too am allergic to nickel, and Silpada has been wonderful for me - no itchy neck or infected ears!

To your question - through June 30, only 6 individual orders are needed to have a qualified party. They may make it a permanent change if our party average stays at $1000 or better!

But here's the thing - 10 orders has always easy to get if you coach your hostess to 1) invite from different groups of people (I have a handout I give them that generally results in 60 guests); 2) Offer the chance to order to out of town friends and those who can't come, looking for 5 outside orders; and 3) Try on and play with the jewelry at her party so her guests will be encouraged to do the same.

I am still going to coach hostesses for 10 orders, but now if they end up with 8 or 9, we don't have to keep the party open and have her try to get those last two orders.

10 is better for us because of the law of average. On average, one out of ten people will be interested in hosting or the business, so if there are ten buying guests, you are more likely to book your next party from them!

Glad to answer any other questions you have, but also talk this over with the woman who will be your Silpada sponsor. I'm sure she would be happy to show you how things have worked for her!

03-22-2013, 08:55 AM
Wow, that would be so great if they changed it to 6 orders. I found it a bit tricky always get the 10 orders. I had a party once that had great sales but only 5 people showed up. It would have been much easier to get one more order rather than 5! There are a lot of reps in my area, or at least there used to be. I don't hear about it as much anymore so maybe some dropped off. There were 3 Star leaders in my immediate area at one time. Keep us posted! Wish you lived by me, I'd have a party for you!

03-22-2013, 09:40 AM
I wish I lived near you too! It's snowing today here...apparently mother nature didn't get the memo about it being Spring!!! I'm betting you are having nicer weather where you live!

That's a shame if some of the ladies in your area left the business. I am so excited about our new jewelry. What I've seen since we got our new fall/winter catalog has made me so energized about my business! I just wasn't as excited about the pieces in the 2011-2012 catalog, but the current line is really making me feel great about our design team and artisans!

And YES, I am excited about the hostess program changes because while I always coach for 10 orders, sometimes hostesses are afraid they won't get there, and hesitate to book, plus it helps it be a more positive experience at the end of the party if she has already met the "qualified party" status and any other orders she gets are about getting her to another reward tier (like $1000 in sales where she gets 3 half-price items) and just upping her free jewelry total.

Also, we've been told in the past that a hostess can place one order on her own party, so when a hostess decides to purchase items beyond her free jewelry allotment, I put those on as a separate order. Thus, she really only needs 5 under the current system, and 9 on the previous system.

The last party I did, the hostess had 11 orders. She had 3 outside orders in advance, but only invited 20 people to her party. Fortunately, she had great turnout with 15 women there. 9 bought, but two insisted on combining their orders. One lady who couldn't afford to buy brought me a broken piece of Silpada to replace for her (no problem!) and took a business opportunity package. I also had one booking from the party. AND...most importantly, everyone had a GREAT time and the hostess was thrilled with her party and free jewelry!