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10-18-2012, 09:47 AM
I joined Listia and thought about "selling" on it. It seems like if you want to get points, you need to do the Free shipping? I didn't see a lot of ones charging for shipping doing well. However, if you don't do free shipping, you could lose a lot of money (esp. for heavy things). Anyone had good success listing on this site? Only lightweight stuff??


10-20-2012, 10:45 AM
From what I understand, Listia is a place to give things away you no longer need, rather than selling them. Like Facebook's answer to Freecycle. I would look other places to sell items and save this for things you may not be able to get rid of that way.

10-26-2012, 06:36 AM
I've been "selling" on Listia for a few years now and if you know what you're doing, you can "make" a lot. I've bought some nice things on there: Canon digital camera (a $200 camera), PS2, DSLR lens ($200 lens), a big box of plus size clothes (over $500 worth). And those are just things I bought for myself. I've also bought items on there to sell on other sites like eBay.

My tips:
1 - Sell cheap, lightweight items to start. Until you're a "trusted seller" (15 positive feedback), people will be leery of bidding high on your listings. You can even sell stuff like My Coke Rewards codes to start. Those don't cost any shipping money.
2 - Offer free shipping whenever possible. If you can't offer free shipping right out of the gate, you could offer it at a higher credit price. For example, you can say "free shipping if the bidding hits 5000 credits" (5000 credits equals about $5).
3 - Maintain good communication with buyers. Let them know when you plan to ship, send the tracking number as soon as you get it (ALWAYS pay for the tracking - it's only 19 cents on PayPal), answer questions as soon as possible, etc.
4 - Only pay for shipping with PayPal. This is more of a buyer tip but it's a good one. If you pay for shipping with anything but PayPal, you're asking to be ripped off. With PayPal, it just takes a dispute to get your money back. If you send anything else, you'll never see your money if the seller flakes. Make sure you ask the seller if they accept PayPal BEFORE bidding. If you win and they don't accept PayPal, you forfeit your credits.

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