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View Full Version : Lose the Fat Chat - Lesson 2

10-16-2012, 08:55 AM
When I used to be a personal trainer, I would constantly hear from clients: “but I’m not eating ANYTHING! Why am I gaining weight?” Now I’m not a fan of scales- they don’t tell the whole story- but here’s some tips to lose the fat.
1. Ok, Popeye, you’re not eating ENOUGH. Yes, you heard that right. The body has a setpoint factor it responds to. Say you eat 1000 calories/day. Body says, “I can barely make fingernails with that. WE BETTER SLOW DOWN THE METABOLISM, SO WE CAN SURVIVE.” That’s why you gain weight eating celery and cottage cheese.
2. Have a “cheat day” every week to bypass the problem of #1. In essence you’re signaling your body that you are NOT in starvation/survival mode, so keep the furnace burning. CAUTION: keep it to one day/week or every 5 days.
3. Check the calendar, ladies. If it’s your cycle time, you can retain water, which shows up on the scale and with your clothes. Some get this the week prior – you know your body. Stay off the scale and drink water. It moves things along faster. [Guys, this scenario obviously doesn’t apply.] Say it with me, girls… hormones are our friends.
4. Look at food combining, if your diet feels stuck. Also great for digestive issues, bloating, gassy gut, etc. Big one involves combining fruit – it can cause a boatload of trouble. This made a real difference for me.
5. Check your BMI number. If it’s too high, you don’t burn as many calories cuz you need more lean body mass. [you’re over-fat. This affects “skinny” people, too.] Crazy cardio doesn’t help build lean mass. It burns fat.
6. Try carb cycling, but don’t go crazy and eat a loaf of bread. I’ve had clients do well with 2 very low carb days/1 moderate carb day on a cycling basis. They could stick with this longterm w/o feeling deprived.
7. Low glycemic eating is similar to #6, but every day is low-moderate carbs. Unlike the Atkins, which requires constant restrictive carbs, this offers a little more breathing room.
Catch you next week at Fat Chat!

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