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View Full Version : Managing Scentsy & Velata

10-14-2012, 07:44 PM
Hey Ladies!!

I joined Scentsy back in March and have had pretty great success with Scentsy in my area so far. I am now a Star consultant with three on my team and Scentsy is taking storm here in my town.

I am SO tempted to join Velata, and I think I am going to at the end of the month.
How do you manage both brands if you sell both, or all three. Do you find Velata as easy to sell as Scentsy? Do you bring both to your parties?

Thanks ladies!

10-14-2012, 08:25 PM
Because it's so new, people aren't as likely to buy it blindly, but once they try it, they're sold. I had some new friends over last night & had my Velata out & several to the families here plus they're ordering some for Christmas gifts. I think Velata is a natural compliment to Scentsy parties so I haven't had any issues managing both. One thing Orville said at convention was that it took Scentsy over 3 years to get to where Velata got in less than 3 months so it's doing great! I can't wait to see where it is 3 years for now! Exciting!

10-15-2012, 04:23 AM
I am doing both Velata and Scentsy. I chose not to add Grace Adele to the mix. Scentsy Fragrance will always be my first love and that is where my primary attention lies. I also love chocolate, so Velata was a nice addition.

I have some team members who erroneously think they are not doing well with Velata because it's not as easy of a sell as Fragrance is. When actually, Velata sales and recruits to date are far exceeding where we were at this point when Fragrance started. The two today cannot really be compared because Fragrance has had years to mature in some areas and the brand recognition is much higher.

Velata is picking up now with the cooler temps and more opportunities for potlucks, gatherings, and family time around the table - all reasons to enjoy chocolate fondue. I have no regrets that I jumped in and am looking forward to the future.

12-09-2012, 11:35 PM
I sell both!

I started with Scentsy back in February and then when Velata launched joined. Honestly, I've not sold too much Velata, except to myself haha, BUT I've not really pushed it either.

There are tons of ideas out there. I recommend joining one of the facebook Velata groups! They have so many ideas. I hadn't even thought about doing so many of those things! Velata is delicious, and worth signing up just for the goodies and discount yourself, haha. Christmas is a great time to bring it out and show your friends and family :)

01-25-2013, 08:13 PM
I'm undecided about selling both Scentsy and Velata, though with Valentine's day I'm tempted.

I think it's misleading to judge Velata numbers against Scentsy. OF COURSE Velata's numbers are going to be higher. They already have a 200,000 base to pull from. It would have been highly concerning if they hadn't exceeded their numbers from the first year in Scentsy.

I think the biggest thing holding me back is the limited product line. Once there is more in the catalog, I will be more inclined to sell.

I think the concern about managing all three: Scentsy, Velata, Grace Adele, is valid. I already work too much on Scentsy as it is :-)

04-02-2013, 12:31 PM
I try to manage all three brands. Scentsy is, as LAScents said, my first love. I pursue my Scentsy business more than any other brand, besides Thrity-one. Scentsy is my mainstay. I will never leave this company!
I love my Velata but it has been a harder sell for me. In my experience, it works better in a home party environment than a catalog or craft show venue. I know other have had great success at events with Velata but not me. But then again, I tried it right out of the box when no one had heard of it yet... Its certainly worth trying again!
Grace Adele is a beautiful line. I understand its value, but I keep hearing the price point is too high. Which is crazy because the same people dont hestitate to buy [email protected] purses! :rolleyes: Go figure!
I also sell Thirty-one. Scentsy and Thirty-one are my main businesses. I love them both and they really sell themselves!
I would recommend not getting in over your head. Take it slow, test out the waters, pray- and see where you end up!
Wishing you the best!

Jennifer Hicks-Enemark

04-03-2013, 06:00 AM
I'm probably at about 90/10 with 90% of my time going to Scentsy Fragrance and the rest to Velata. I knew when I joined Velata it was going to be a steady pace and not a race. Now that it's coming up on baby and wedding shower time plus graduation open houses, the fondues are going to be a mainstay on the food tables. Love that they're offering the 5 pounds of chocolate this month. We're doing a dessert bar at my daughter's open house so that will come in handy.

04-03-2013, 07:16 AM
I do all 3...and yes Uppercase Living so yes sometimes hectic :). My mainstay is Scentsy Fragrence...with the other 3 on the back burner. Velata I have only did a couple of things with when it first came out...but think it just needs time...I know the chocolate is fantastic...and I am a chocolate lover. If you eat some try tasting m&ms after...no comparision. My daughter had wanted to do smores or a fondue bar at her wedding reception...but the establishment said no...so still looking at doing something with the chocolate though...and the bucket would be great for that.