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View Full Version : I think I figured it out!

10-04-2012, 09:52 AM
I went on my first diet when I was in the 6th grade. I've been overweight since I was in the first grade....so yes, this has been a life long struggle for me. Something I have learned is that pretty much ALL the diets out there do work...but can I live with them forever? No.

The only time that I easily lost weight was when I was super busy physically. Like a long, long time ago I used to clean houses for a local company. I was moving all day. We would even stop at the donut shop daily...but I lost 10 pounds a month easily. When my husband and I started a business back in 2004 I was working at my job all day, eating something quick and then working the business until midnight for weeks on end getting ready for a show...and it was all fairly physical work. Same thing..lost about 10 pounds in a month without trying to.

BUT being physical is more challenging since my businesses are run mostly from my computer. I did recently join a gym (again) and this time I have a foster daughter who also wants to work out (she's 17), so I have someone to go with which really helps. I hate working out and I hate sweating!! LOL But I know I should do it! I'm 51 and I know exercise is important for so many reasons.

However, I have also figured out a diet of sorts that has been working very well for me. Since I have turned 40 losing weight is not as easy as it once was. Now I am 51 and I have put on another 10 pounds in the last few years. But starting this summer I started losing weight by giving up meat for the most part (I still love my chicken and have it from time to time as well as other meats...but I mean like a few times a month). I lost 20 pounds this summer and am trying to lose another 10 by Thanksgiving which frankly I think will be easy. The weight has just been falling right off! So, here's what I'm eating:

Sometimes just a banana. Other times a bowl of lowfat cereal with skim milk

I eat what I call my "Super Salad". It MUST have: Tomatos, broccoli, avacado and black beans. I also add other things like cucumber, mushrooms, leaf lettuce from time to time. Then I have a light Balsamic Vinegar dressing on it. This many not sound that appetizing to some - but I am seriously addicted to this salad! I HAVE to have it every day!! I think part of that is the nutrients in the "must have" items.

I sometimes also have a soup with it. All are homemade soups - 15 bean soup with spinich, lentil soup with some onion and carrot, black eyed pea or northern bean soup with bullion cubes for flavor and then veggies, onion, garlic, etc.

Sometimes the soups listed above.

Mexican lasagna which mostly consists of whole wheat tortillas, refried beans, green chillies, green onion, tomatoe, mexican shredded cheese, salsa...then topped with some light sour cream. I also have a healthier recipie that is black beans, corn, onion and some other things. (I'm happy to give recipies for either)

Fruit during the day. Just about every evening I have a small dish of Edy's half the fat ice cream. A couple of times a week I have popcorn (we do it on the stove top).

I just wanted to share this because frankly, I have been astounded at the scales. I have only very recently been working out. This summer I mostly sat in front of this computer or sat on my riding lawn mower. So, I can only imagine the results I'm going to see once I start really working out!

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