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09-29-2012, 07:36 AM
Y'no the best thing about WAHM?
To me, hands down, it's the support.

Just like good underwear, support holds you up, where you're starting to fall down.

Little graphic, perhaps, but you get the point.

ANY change you make needs support, and weight loss is right at the top.

Look for signs of no support:

environment = if your cupboard is full of ding-dongs, that's trouble, girl.
people = do your friends or family sabotage you? [let's go get a drink; have dessert- you earned it; skip the gym - you had a long day]
behavior = do you substitute food for what you really want? take elevators vs stairs? berate yourself for being fat? quit altogether after one slip up?

I'm going to give you a phrase to use, the next time you need to support yourself.

"How unlike me to..."

Yup, that's it. Try it!
How unlike me to skip breakfast and eat a donut. How unlike me to feel sorry for myself.

It gets you on the road to remembering who you are.

Your partner in change,


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