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View Full Version : Thoughts on Pricing

09-20-2012, 05:31 PM
These are just my thoughts, but how can you feel good about yourself if you are charging people a ridiculous amount for a reading? This isn't towards anyone in particular, just in general. I have seen mediums here in Reno/Sparks, as well as other places charging so much for a reading...it makes me mad!!! :mad: This is a gift!! A gift from God no less, so why would you charge a huge rate to help people? To me, I am out to help people, not make them go into foreclosure to get a reading. Don't get me wrong, our time is worth something, but does a person really need to charge $100 or more for an hours worth of work? To me, that says a lot about the reader and they aren't out to use their gift for good. People are barely making ends meet, losing homes, losing jobs, so why would anyone feel it is okay to charge a fortune for spirit? Just curious. I personally charge $20 for 20 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes for a spirit reading. That is $1 a minute. That covers my time, my time is worth something...just not out to take advantage of people or buy a mansion using my gift.



09-22-2012, 05:59 PM
I hope I didn't offend anyone....just wanted others opinions. ;)

09-26-2012, 11:55 AM
I charged a dollar a minute as well for a very long time. I have only very recently increased my rates. My work is extremely challenging and draining. I get excellent feedback and have a lot of natural ability and talent. My clients get what they pay for. yes my rate of 120 an hour isnt cheap but neither is therapy or other forms of entertainment.

I also want to keep up with the industry and a lot of others charge even more than I do. I set what I believe to be a fair rate based on my experiences, my talents, and my ability to deliver the reading. To be fair I also offer a lot of discounts for my customers and specials/offers etc to make it more affordable for them.

Aeracura's LLC
09-27-2012, 11:25 AM
No offense taken. I charge $120 an hour also, if it is a party where I am guaranteed a certain number of readings, maybe less. This work is physically draining. I do not believe this is a "gift" nor do I consider myself a "gifted one". I believe everyone can do this, but like anything else, it is a personal decision. I have committed to this life. I am worth all of $120 per hour. I spend A LOT of time prepping, studying, learning, expanding etc. Keeping myself mentally attuned so I can do this work. There are some of us that work with police agencies (I never charge), paranormal teams (I never charge) Connections to deceased children (I never charge). I think $120 an hour is a deal. Don't sell yourself short, and if you think someone needs to know information, and they want that information and can't afford you, truly can't afford you, then just do the reading. Giving without expecting in return is a great cycle to be in, you get take care of other ways.

09-27-2012, 08:21 PM
I charge fair market rates on each of the networks I am on, and $80..00 per hour on my personal website. I have been studying & practicing this work for over 15 years, and have paid out at least $ 20,000.00 at various schools & workshops during that time to hone my abilities. I continuously study to improve my skills, and belong to several professional organizations in the industry. I consider myself to be a professional in this field, and I take what I do very seriously. I do my best to offer excellent, ethical service to my clients.
It was very challenging for me to even begin to ask for money when I was starting out as a professional. I had done this work for free for many years, and I had major "money guilt issues" around charging for my time. I has taken me years more to come to a place where I feel okay about charging for my time and expertise. I am not looking to get rich, but merely pay my bills, keep my home, receive health care & continue to train with the masters of these crafts.
Most clients feel that my rates are fair for the value they are receiving from me.
I do still struggle with this issue but it is getting better the longer I am in business.

09-28-2012, 02:53 PM
I think there are many important things that go into a reading price

If you are working for another company, expect that they are going to take a *very* large split of the money right off the top. Most of the time, that's how it works, and even if you are only working for yourself, you still need to pay taxes on the money just like any other job.

Which brings me to benefits---since there are no paid holidays off, vacations, sick days--ever. No health insurance etc etc. This is all stuff you need to buy on your own. If you need time off, you had better have savings for it.

It's not hourly---it's "talk time" So while one person may go to work and put in their 8 hour shift--they know how much they are going to make that day. In this field--it's gonna vary. Some days you may sit for hours and not make a dime. Other days you may have a nice volume of clients that hopefully make up for the slow days.

Many of us have taken workshops, classes--spent many--many hours learning how to give the best readings that we can. Even people who are born with talent (and many of us in this field are) still do well to learn. Learning takes time, learning often takes money, and sometimes--travel)

Many of us, do not have other occupations. *this* is who we are. Readers, psychics, healers, -spiritual people---and many of us have chosen to live a life of our calling. Unfortunately, even with a calling we still have families to feed and light bills to pay.

Each person's situation is different. But I, along with many others here, have put in many, many,years, time, and a nice bit of money into what I do. Still I wouldn't trade my life for any other, because this is who I am. It is a part of me. I strive to keep my prices reasonable but at the same time, I need to be able to pay my bills so that I *can* continue to do this work and not have to leave my clients. Because if I had to change my life, I would likely have to leave my clients due to lack of available time.

09-30-2012, 09:08 AM
Hello everyone, I haven't been here in awhile, but thought I'd check out the conversations here at WAHM again. They are always interesting :)

I have thought this way myself Shannon, but I work for a site that takes more than 50% commission. Inspite of the economic challenges there are people in this world with money still willing to pay whatever their favorite psychic asks.

I rarely do face-to-face readings any more. When I do them, they are by appointment, AND I request they donate 3 cans of food or food items to the local food bank as a way of giving back to the universe.

However online I may charge up to $4.99 per minute and even $6.99 per minute...on other days I charge less it all depends on who spirit wants to send me that day. I may get a client who cannot afford the steeper price so I tell them when I'm running a special so they can come back.

I've worked more than 25 years as an online and phone psychic at the end of the day you just try to GIVE what you can in the best way one can :)

10-03-2012, 01:53 PM
I agree with you. I had trouble with charging people and still do, but it always comes back around. I did a reading for a friend of my son's, he said she needed an aunt or someone to talk to, so she and I talked for two hours. I did a spiritual reading, a psychic reading and a healing and did not think anything about it. As my children say, "That's what my Mom does"
That was three weeks ago and I have gotten four new clients and met many people because of that reading. Those that can't afford it (like her) are sometimes the people who need it the most.

10-05-2012, 04:30 PM
Thanks everyone for your input. It all made total sense to me. I have to keep reminding myself that it is my time and my time and knowledge should be worth something. :)

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