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08-08-2012, 07:38 PM
So one of my good friends is psychic, but she's got a chronic illness and it just ... it's just too much on her to give out the full, thorough readings she used to give out like candy. I'm sure if any of you are also chronically ill you probably know what I mean.

So what did I learn in my reading...
Me--I go through two-year cycles. I work really hard, have been working really hard since I was "about 12." I'm about to go through a transition. I need to find my joy and restore some balance as I've always been a little too serious and not always had as much happiness as others...
My Dad's "not in great health." Need to talk to him, get my needs met. She said "I'm not sure if he's separated from you geographically or what, but you can't just walk down the street and show up." Not going to see him again for 2+ years, if ever...
The boyfriend's good but not perfect, we have a great connection and he's really committed but a little complacent. He's stubborn and always right.
I"m surrounded by negative female energy, the catty talk-****-about you behind your back kind. I've been around this for about two years.
I asked about my relationship with my mother and she said, "That'd take a whole 'nother session." to which I responded, "That is a completely legit answer." (seriously.)
And then I leveled with her. I've been in law school for two years. My Dad's in Iraq but he's home on vacation for a few more days. ...and on and on. My favorite part was when I started talking about law school and said, "Law school, it . . ." and I trailed off because I didn't want to complete my thought verbally, which was, "it just drains the life out of you." Which she then said, verbatim. Kinda creepeh, kinda cool.

It was fun. I think my sister and I are going to go again in a month or so.

Just thought I'd share. Hope all is well with you guys.

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