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View Full Version : Interested - but low carb?

07-25-2012, 11:20 AM
Hi! I'm interested in learning more about Tastefully Simple. I am debating between TS and Wildtree - trying to decide which is the best fit. I've used TS products in the past and LOVED them. Now, though, our family is living on a low-carb way of eating - and my friends are all rather health/diet conscious these days. Are there many good low-carb options in Tastefully Simple?

Also, I'd love more info about the business opportunity.


07-25-2012, 11:32 AM
I would like info as well....

07-26-2012, 04:25 AM
Hi Ladies I will PM you both about our business, but in general Tastefully Simple does fit into a healthy eating style. My hubby and I and our families all are very healthy diet concious for health, aging, energy and lifestyle reasons.
I did a lot of research before I joined with Tastefully Simple. I knew food would be a no brainer since everyone eats, and the products offer ease of preperation-only needing 2 extra ingredients or less to finish the making...but also all the creative recipe ideas to enhance and change up the base products.
I found their quality and taste to be superior, and the product line diverse enough to meet the needs of a broad customer base. The Corp office is always there for us, offers fantastic host incentives and is generous to its sales force.

That said, and in answer to the first question about our product line. There are yummy indulgence products, of course, but really we are about adding the flavor and taste!

All of our seasonings are msg free, and offer options to enhance food without adding fatty butter, oils, etc. The concentrated flavors such as spinach/herb, pesto, bacon, season salt, or salsa really do bring out the taste with just a small amount of product. Each is also natural, without all the additives found in more commercial grade store products. Our Garlic and Onion seasonings are also a great way to not have to chop or store, and keep hands odor free =) Veggies love our seasonings, steam or grill with a pinch.

Our line of sauces and marinades are very popular as well. They offer unique tastes to enhance meat, poultry or seafood ~ pomegranate chipotle, bayou bourban, merlot..just to name a few.

We have signature items such as our pound cakes that can be made with fat free yogurt or applesauce ...eliminating any added fat..and you would never know the difference by taste or texture!!
It really is about how we present our line.

The value of our products is another feature that I think is important. There is long shelf life, concentration of the spice line, and versatility. For example.. we now have a Vanilla Bean Chiller in our Summer line. Use it as a drink of course, or change it up with FF cream cheese and FF or Lite cool whip and you have a fluff for fruit dip, icing on a cake, filling for a cheesecake pie. A better alternatie than a full fat dessert offering. Or our Potato Soup is wonderful as is, but make it with meat added in, or with pasta, make it into a quiche, or any of the other 100 recipe ideas found online. And our Beer Bread....at least 300 ways to make it! I love it with Dr. Pepper and Mini chips, or applesauce and cinnamon, or throw in a Tbsp of Fiesta Seasoning and kick it up a notch....

I follow a very low fat, lower carb diet style and our products fit nicely. I will say too that we have over 5000 recipe ideas online to offer to our clients, and I personally offer the lower fat versions of many converted recipes that people tell me they enjoy.

As to the business, I think it can be what you want it to be...personally when I share a food tasting kit with my hosts and new clients/friends =) we talk about how they eat, what they enjoy and I get them thinking about using seasonings and lower fat alternatives. We also offer wonderful freezer food workshops~~helping our clients make 10-14 meals at one time all while sharing some 'chat' time =)
We earn 30% of all sales, and enjoy a 30% personal discount on products. Ways we earn would be tasting parties, fundraisers, booths, take it to work parties for our hosts, book or online parties, and of course reorders!!!

Our kits are $89 for a starter small kit or $170 for a double + the smaller kit. Containing food samplers, biz supplies, foods to enjoy, sell too. I will be happy to share the details on those.
You can start for as little as $57 by doing the $170 kit in 3 monthly payments.

The only requirement to stay active is $400 in submitted orders per calendar quarter--basically one party.

There are many starting out incentives in our Party to Success where you can earn lots of samplers, supplies and cash!

I sponsor nationwide and would love to have you on my team...so as I said I will PM you with details and more info and we can chat and see if the fit and the company are good for you!

07-26-2012, 08:02 AM
Great explanation, Lynn. I'm not a rep but there's always a TS rep whenever I do a vendor show and the samples are delicious :).

07-26-2012, 03:51 PM

I am super excited for all the possibilities that you will have with your business!
Looking forward to sharing with you and watching you SHINE!!!

We've got a super group and you'll fit right in =)


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