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View Full Version : Forum Games

06-20-2012, 10:07 AM
A question of the week was posted that turns out to be a fun game for forum members. So I thought it might be fun to have a game area in the forum for WAHM coffee breaks. Please identify your game type and topic in your title and begin game in your thread. Also you may need a comment outside of one word answers for the forum to accept your post - Thanks!

Here are the rules for a few game ideas:

Alphabet Games
A topic is chosen and the thread is started with one word starting with A related to that topic. Each post after must be on topic and beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. (i.e. topic = fruits; thread starts with A = Apple, next posts could be Banana, Cantaloupe etc.)

First Letter - Last Letter Game
A topic is chosen (Bible Names, Song Titles, Classic Movies etc.) and the thread is started with any word, phrase or title related to the topic, then the next post begins with the last letter of the previous post as directed. (i.e. topic = Cars; thread starts with Chevrolet, next posts could be Tempest, Toyota, Audi etc.)

Sharing a Word
A topic is chosen that requires a title (Song Titles, Books, Movies, Quotes etc.). Start the thread and the next poster chooses one word from the previous post to create a new title. (i.e. topic = Songs from the 70s; thread starts with Family Affair (Sly&FamilyStone); next posts could be We Are Family (Sister Sledge), We Will Rock You (Queen) etc.)


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