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01-29-2012, 06:53 PM
Hello IM-ers-

Traffic is the life blood for any website owner, myself included here, and while much discussion has been raised about specific ways of driving traffic to your site (ezines, article submission to niche magazines, blogging, posting on forums etc), there is an area that is mostly overlooked; at least I have not found much on this in this forum-Merchants approaching you for paid advertising.

I have been online now since June 2009 with my very succesfu SBI personal goal setting site that I developed from scratch. And since that time 2.5 years ago I have gone from 8,500,000 global traffic to now under 800,000 global traffic rank as per Alexa. And several of my pages rank on page 1 and 2 for Google, which I am blessed and proud of during my short achievement thus far.

Now this approach may not work for all niche sites, but since I have a 170 page content informational website (and growing), on various topics of personal growth and development from a Christian faith based perspective (debt-elimination, health and fitness, relationships, forgiveness, fear, love, work from home business, etc as examples) having multiple advertisers apprioach me for putting up an advert on a specific page of my site is a win win. I have been approached by two advertisers due to my traffic growth and website appealing content and will be putting up two (2) adverts on two specific pages of my site which will be for a year, which will net me an extra $260.00 US that I was not even expecting.

Having MOTHER GOOGLE Adsense on my site as one of my monetization models, I will be able to track the traffic of all pages on my site and will be able to negotiate an even hiigher yearly rate based upon website traffic performance when I look to renegotiate an even higher yearly fee amount based upon my traffic growth next year.

Many of you could probably be doing the same thing, providing you have a website on various topics as my site which covers personal and professional development that provides value. ;)