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01-27-2012, 07:49 PM
I've been reading over your guy's threads after doing ALOT of research on wao companies and i have a few questions about 2 dif companies so any help would be greatly appreciated.

First company... Titan Chains... After I pay my initial 65 how long does it generally take to get the kit and how soon after I send in lots do you get paid? This is the company I am leaning towards the most. I've done wire work before and I for the most part know how to do viking knit so I should be ok with it. How long does it generally take you to finish a bracelet? How hard is approval?

Second company... NEC... How quick is the turn around really on this one? I mean I know it can take like 3 weeks to get the kit and then go through the approval that could take repeated attempts to pass. but how fast did you actually start making decent money off any of your projects? I know they take your lots up gradually but from what i've read it can take quite awhile for them to get back to you after you mail out your lot so honestly is it worth starting this one or should I start with Titan Chains then NEC when I already have income coming in?

I would ideally like to do multiple projects. I'm confident that with titan chains I can easily complete 1-2 lots a week as long as materials allow it. I'm sure I can knock out NEC projects fairly quickly as well but its more of a money thing with that one since its a long time turn around. What would you guys recommend doing? I need the quickest start up and can do pretty much anything except sew. lets not get me started on that lol.

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