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View Full Version : Very interesting..

01-13-2012, 12:00 PM
Yesterday I came across a lady who joined this "other" company and she was wondering if our Go Slim really does what it says. I could only speak personally for myself and I told her how awesome it has been with keeping my cravings for the junk down, but at the same time I am getting so many other health benefits from this product as well. Such as feeling good all day and how it's helped bring my blood sugar levels even more balanced in only a few short weeks. My blood pressure is now under 124/75 the last few weeks when no medication has been able to get it below 130/78 for over a year now. A lot has to do with my weight loss of course, but I also know that this product as well as the Cardio extreme and Cell vitality has so much more to do with this!

She also said one of her main reasons for joining the other was the matching bonus aspect of it all, and how those will add up eventually to make most of her income from said company. She was telling me what the leaders where earning yadda yadda. I wished her well of course, but I also added that what good is all those matching bonuses if not everyone is earning anything? I simply left it at that and pretty much said I was very grateful "everyone" including customers, can earn an income here with us, with products that will work, and a comp plan that is made for people who maybe just need a few hundred dollars monthly to make a huge difference in their household.

Of course we also have the awesome potential of making several thousand a month too, I just feel it could happen a lot quicker with GO if we put forth the honest effort into making it happen. We have everything available to us to make great things happen this year! It took the last few days of seriously looking at exactly what we have, listening to a few calls, and not sleeping so great due to my mind just going over and over the possibilities! :eek: What most excites me though is the fact that I finally have products that actually work for me and are helping me get my serious health issues in check. If I am not happy with the products I can't feel great about sharing them :)

Green Organics is a blessing to me and us!

01-14-2012, 06:45 PM
Vicki I could not agree you with more. I left a company that was touting that you would get matching bonuses. But if your people aren't making anything, you really don't hve anything to match. I love that we have a variety of products that WORK! I too love the GoSlim and I'm crazy about the Go Cardio. My bllod pressure has been running about 123/80. Those numbers are so fantastic for me. As with you, it was difficult to get my bottom number under 90 even on medication. With all that is being offered: training, leads, bonuses, the list goes on & on, I am so glad that I said yes to Green Organics!!!

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