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11-06-2011, 02:39 PM
I found this great site where you can simply view ads and get paid! Lots of earning potential here, especially if you are good at referring members! It's a FREE site and you get paid for your direct referrals.

There is the ability to upgrade to the premium account for only $14.95/year and earn down 8 tiers! Benefits galore! Worth checking out! This site has been around since Feb. 2007 and has a great reputation.

I upgraded very quickly after joining. I would suggest jumping right in! Top of the line site! As a premium member, you get more ads to click along with other benefits. See below the benefits of each membership type.

You get $2.00 for each upgraded member in your 1st tier (regardless if you upgrade or remain a free member). You get paid $1.00 for each upgraded member in tiers 2-8 when you are an upgraded member. It's only $14.95 for an entire year! The cool part is, when those referrals re-new again next year, you will get that residual income all over again!

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:
•Referral signup commissions
•Higher direct referral click commissions
•More chances to win in ClixGrid game
•More ads available
•8-Tier Affiiliate Program*

PREMIUM upgrade costs only $14.95 USD, a fraction of what other PTC websites are asking, and is valid for 1 year.

* PREMIUM members will get paid through 8-Tiers for referrals who also upgrade their accounts as opposed to only 1-Tier for STANDARD accounts

The lady above me has 13,000+ referrals in 8 levels at ClixSense. She has over 1,000 that are upgraded and majority of those upgrade year after year. She makes $1-$2 on each referral that upgrades so that is well over $1,000/year just in the upgrades. This is not to mention the money that you make when your referrals are clicking ads. Members are making very good money with this program.

If you only clicked ads and never referred, you might average clicking about 25 ads per day...give or take because there are days you can click over 50 in a day. If you do the math on the clicks, no ads last longer than 45 seconds, some last 30 and some last only 5 seconds. Let's just say 25 ads times 30 seconds .... that equals 12 minutes per day. Now then if 12 minutes per day is real time consuming to you then maybe it is not for you. But if you were to click 12 minutes of 30 second ads per day that would be 25 cents per day which is $7.50 per month which is $90 per year. Of course, that is without any referrals and that is not counting the overall potential. Just simply $90 a year in your pocket for 12 minutes a day. Hmmmm what could a person do with an extra $90 per year? Help pay for gasoline maybe? Perhaps a nice dinner out? Maybe some groceries? A nice new pair of jeans and a nice top perhaps? School clothes for the kids? And maybe, just maybe, if that person was to see, and I do mean, see the overall potential, read all the info on the site, upgrade, achieve a few referrals....that member just might see his/her 8 level organization grow, grow, grow, grow and that $90 per year just might become $1,000 or more per year....it might result in $20 weekly payouts or even $30 weekly payouts or even $50 weekly payouts or more! I'm sure glad I read the info and saw the overall potential because just like this coming Monday....I will receive a very nice weekly payout .....

Please visit this site for full benefits and go to the FAQ section to find all the answers to your questions.

You only have to be 16 to join. Available in many countries!

Paid to Click Advertising at ClixSense (http://www.clixsense.com/?3801399)

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