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View Full Version : Awesome testimonies coming in!

11-06-2011, 02:11 PM
One of our GO founders sent in three GO product testimonials he received from his team members:

Dr Tharp called me a few days ago, excited about some benefits a patient of his achieved with Green Organic International Products. He had suggested a competitors weight loss product for a female patient in September, that needed to lose about 125 lbs. She lost 12 lbs that month. In October, he put her on Go Cardio Extreme, Go Cleanse Extreme and Go Slim Extreme and when he saw her again, after only taking the products two weeks... she had lost 24 lbs in those two weeks and was feeling much better. Hands down, these products worked for her and worked even better synergistically to enhance her better life goals.

I sent a few samples of Go Slim Extreme to BK in Missouri and within an hour she wanted a bottle... said it almost gave her the giggles and she lost her appetite and no jitters. She asked me to send some samples to a store in La. The store owner took a sample and wanted a bottle within an hour... she gave a sample to her store manager and she wanted a bottle within an hour... then she gave a sample to their demo girl... she wanted a bottle within an hour.... 4 out of 4... all became reps in the company off of one sampling.

I have sampled the product out to over 40 people and around 95% of them liked the product. (I don't think the other five percent even tried it!) Two days ago I gave a sample to two waitresses at a restaurant... both liked the product and wanted more.

I gave a sample to a lady on Saturday that is doing a National weight loss plan program, that still had severe sweet cravings. She was real skeptical about anything that made claims to help. I told her she had nothing to lose but weight. I saw her again Monday and she told me that she took the sample Sunday and later went to a Yogurt Store to dive into some sweets but by the time she got there she didn't really want any yogurt. She had lost her cravings for sweets within a couple hours! She couldn't believe it! Yes, she wanted the large bottle of Go Slim Extreme, both her and her husband started on the product that day.