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10-20-2011, 09:47 AM
Updates and Announcements

Hello everyone and Welcome Aboard to all of our new members who joined this passed week. New member sign ups are up. Testimonials of results of our life changing product continue to flow in. And Skinny Body Care continues to be the FASTEST GROWING COMPANY in the industry for an amazing 8th straight month.

With this much momentum going into our big International Convention in just 3 weeks, the last two months of the year and beyond are going to be absolutely HUGE.

Maestro is LIVE

Our commitment to giving YOU, our distributors, everything you need to build a solid, stable, lasting organization FAST and LONG TERM has always been to provide you absolutely everything that you need to be successful. That means everything from the most powerful powerline driven system in the industry, to tools and trainings to help you build, grow, and duplicate your team fast and efficiently, and to always staying 5 steps ahead of every other company in the industry to give you a huge advantage when building your team.

One of the most important parts of being able to build is making it easy for your new prospects to join. That's why we continue to provide new payment options so that new members can join anywhere in the world with as little hassle as possible.

With that, Maestro, which is one of the most popular forms of payment throughout Europe, is now live as a way to join and purchase products. For those of you who have prospects in Europe who may not have a visa or mastercard, NOW is the time to go back to them and get them IN.
Just another way we are continuing to stay ahead of the curve :)

Just THREE WEEKS LEFT until the SBC International Convention in Las Vegas

Thanks to leaders Tim Miller, Steve Anderson and Wendy Bongalis Royer for coordinating our first EVER international convention.

This convention will be a great place to meet the leaders, founders, uplines, downlines, and everyone involved in Skinny Body Care. PLUS, you will receive some of the BEST training from some of the most dynamic leaders in the company, a special guest speaker, and MORE.

We will also be handing out awards for rank advancement, and some other special achievements. This is an event you definitely do not want to miss.

We want Skinny Body Care to be the LAST company you ever have to be involved with...the company you can RETIRE with. And we are 100% committed to making that happen.

If you have not already booked your tickets for convention, Tim Miller is handling the registration. You can go to his registration website at http://www.showclix.com/event/SBC1stAnnualVegasExtravaganza (http://www.showclix.com/event/SBC1stAnnualVegasExtravaganza) to sign up now.

BUT HURRY. Tickets are selling fast and prices could go up anytime. Be sure to secure your seat at convention TODAY.

If you can't stay the whole 4 days, the 9th and 10th are the biggest days, so definitely make it out for that.

On top of the great training, great people, great food, and great experience, this will also be one of the most FUN experiences you will ever have.

If you haven't booked your tickets yet, be sure to do it TODAY. Time is running out.



Many of our members from all over the world are using the Credit Wallet to help them build their teams and sign up new people every day.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the credit wallet, this is yet ANOTHER powerful tool that sets us apart from 99% of other companies in the industry, and is something that may help you build even faster.

The credit wallet is like your own personal SBC bank account that you can use to purchase product for yourself and others. You can use it to upgrade preenrollees to distributors. You can use it to qualify yourself or your team with personal product orders each month. Or if someone you know wants to pay you cash to join your team, you can accept their cash and use your credit wallet to upgrade them.

You can fund this account either by selecting to have some or all of your commissions sent there, or you can wire money to Skinny Body Care and we will put that money in your Credit Wallet. Email support for wiring instructions. No amount is too small and no amount is too big.

This is a great option for leaders of international teams where credit cards may not be readily available, or for anyone who wants another tool to build their team.


On top of the state of the art website, incredible products, and killer compensation plan, the true POWER of our system comes from the importance and VALUE of our Cut Off Days.

Each and every Thursday night our system places all the people who placed a product order throughout the week into the matrix in the order that they preenrolled in.

That means it is VERY IMPORTANT to let your preenrollees and prospects know that they NEED to upgrade BEFORE midnight tonight so they don't lose out on their positioning in the matrix.

Invite your prospects and join us TONIGHT for our LIVE OVERVIEW CALL
__________________________________________________ _______________________

The call starts at 5:00 pm pst/ 6:00 pm mst/ 7:00 pm cst/8:00 pm est.

TONIGHT (Thursday October 20, 2011)

Dial 641 594 7500 pin 564837#

*Be sure to dial in a few minutes early to make sure you get on the call. It will be SOLD OUT
__________________________________________________ ____

A new retail website has been added to your My Website Address page to give you the ability to retail product to customers. For any customer who purchases product through this page, YOU will receive a $20 per bottle Retail bonus and the volume will count toward YOUR personal BV. This means that if you retail a bottle of Skinny Fiber, that will qualify you with 50BV in personal volume for the month so you do not have to purchase an order yourself. The retail customer will not go into the matrix since the BV counts for your personal position, but the volume will go into the matrix as if you ordered it.

A Retail Customer is different from a Preferred Customer. Again a Retail Customer pays the retail price per bottle which is $79.95, the volume counts as your personal volume, and the person does not get a position in the company. A Preferred Customer pays the wholesale price of $59.95 per bottle, gets a position in the matrix, and you will be paid matrix and matching bonuses on them as well as help you qualify for rank.
Big things continue to happen with Skinny Body Care. There is not a company in the industry who has as much growth, excitement, or momentum than we do right now. And we are just getting started.
Keep up the great work and WELCOME ABOARD.

Let's PACK tonight's call,

-YOUR Skinny Body Care Success TEAM

10-20-2011, 11:37 AM
I'm so glad there was info on our retail site. I noticed the change in the back office with our 7th way to get paid, but didn't understand how it worked. This is exciting!