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View Full Version : Autoresponders 2011

09-20-2011, 06:58 PM
I am starting a new thread on auto responders because the previous threads are not up to date but are still open and I think it it better to refresh everyone memory.

Some people do not have a clue what an autoresponder is, well they can be a simple as sending out a single message, like ones in mailing systems such as Google when you switch it to holiday/vacation mode and it will reply to all incoming messages with whatever message you compose. I call this the poor mans autoresponder as you can create a Gmail account and set it in permanent holiday mode.

A few Affiliate sites have built in autoresponders but it is rare is you can change the outgoing messages so they are of limited use.

Next you have the stand alone autoresponders such as Aweber, Get Response, Trafficwave etc, now here you will pay a monthly fee which can work out expensive if your lists are large. there are often also restrictions on loading leads from unknown resources.

Finally there are many marketing systems which include autoresponders as part of an overall package and this can be quite economical if you use some of the other tools as well.

I have used various autoresponders in the past including Google. affiliate sites, Get Response, Trafficwave and fully integrated systems. So how do you make a choice and I am not sure that price comes into it.

You need to choose a flexible autoresponder that meets present and future need. In other words, you should be able to use either HTML code, or simple text, HTML is becoming more acceptable these days but sometime you need plain text. You must have a contact management system that allows you to house all your contacts in one location. In that way, you are able to quickly find the person's name and information, and while you are speaking with them on the phone, you can add additional notes and comments so that the next time you speak with them, you will be able to remember some of your conversation.

Your autoresponder system should have the ability to create an appealing form code which can be placed on any site or blog. This should be fully configurable to your particular website to match colour and feel. The messages you create should be informative, avoid selling at all cost.

The autoresponder system should come complete with its very own pop3 email account as well. Did you know that all of the major email responders on the market today will use YOUR email address, not a stealth email address? Its true. I have checked out all the major automatic responders, and they ALL have that same feature in place. Aweber, Prospect Response, Trafficwave and others are all alike in that regard. In other words, if you choose to use these, you run the risk of your email being blacklisted because of potential spam. this has happened and been posted in other threads on this forum and others.

So how do your systems measure up, lets hear the good and bad and find out what is required to create the perfect system.

I know one tool I like is to be able to test my messages against spam assassin