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View Full Version : Thinking about joining

09-15-2011, 12:47 PM
I started thinking that I might want to sign up to sell Silpada - mainly for the discount since I will be my best client! :) I also sell Gold Canyon and like Silpada there was a sign-up fee but if you sold enough you got the money credited back to you. Anyway, my question is for $199 what do I get - I don't mean that to sound as harsh as it does when I read this but I guess what is that covering? Do I get some catalogs to pass out or...?
Thanks for your help and info.
Hope to join the team soon!

09-15-2011, 02:11 PM
Hi Katherine!
How exciting for you! As far as your question goes, here’s your answer ;) The $199 fee includes the following:
· Your choice of one of three $212 valued jewelry looks
· Your choice of any items from the Silpada catalog at 50% off retail price (limit one per item and the order must be submitted at the time you submit your sign up paperwork)
* You also have the option of getting jewelry at 50% off when the new spring Supplement comes out in March and the new catalog comes out in July!
· Personalized business cards (these are in color and do include photos of the jewelry)
· Self inking stamp
· Business and training DVD and supplies like catalogs (50), look books, invitation postcards, Hostess and recruiting materials, ring sizer, and more

You also receive:

· Your own online web store (with NO extra fees charged and no credit card handling fees for online orders!)
· A private website just for representatives
· Amazing training and coaching from the Silpada Sales team

I'd be happy to email you some more information if you'd like. Silpada is truly an amazing company and I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have! Good luck to you :)


09-15-2011, 03:35 PM
Wanted to also add a note about Fast Start free jewelry ;)

During your first 100 days as a Silpada Representative, for every $3000 you sell...Silpada gives you $500 free (up to $3000 free!). In addition, if you sign up reps during your Fast Start, you get another $500 free when she hits $3000 in sales!

This is a fantastic way to get all the jewelry you want!

09-15-2011, 06:53 PM
Great information above. I'd add a few points:

- There are no minimums with Silpada, so you remain active the entire year even if you don't submit a single order.

- The business supplies are essentially enough to have 5-6 parties. I was able to have the stretch a little farther, but by the time I had 6 parties, I had made back my original investment (and then some), earned $1300 in free jewelry, and had plenty of money to spend on additional supplies.

- There's a special incentive this year. If you purchase a certain amount of jewelry (I think it's $1000) with your sign-up discount, you get a "show on the go" kit that includes items you can use in your table display and to carry your items to parties. It's worth $174 - I saw it at conference and it is AWESOME! I'm so jealous!

Even if you intend to sign up only as a "personal use" consultant, I absolutely encourage you to consider booking 6 parties to happen in your first 100 days. You have the opportunity to earn up to $3000 in fast start free jewelry, and you can earn at least $500 with just 3 parties, so 6 would typically mean $1000 in free jewelry.

For recruit prospects, I encourage them to plan 6 parties as follows BEFORE they sign up:
- Your own party, where you will earn income + the hostess free jewelry (jackpot!)
- Family member party
- Close friend party
- Party with a parent of your kid's friends (if applicable)
- Party with a co-worker or spouse's co-worker
- Party with a friend from a shared organization (church, PTA, etc.)

Do those 6 and then...well, you CAN stop, but I bet some of the ladies you met want their own parties to earn free jewelry, and some may even want to be a rep!

How exciting for you...please ask us any questions you have. You can also speak with your personal Silpada rep who will be sponsoring you, or call Silpada with questions as they are SUPER helpful.

Keep us posted!

Amy Reiss Levitt
09-18-2011, 09:50 AM
Silpada is a great company; you wear what you sell and you feel great!

09-18-2011, 06:26 PM
Hi Amy! Welcome to WAHM. Glad to have another Silpada sister on the forums!