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View Full Version : Interested in Watkins - Confused

09-07-2011, 10:54 AM
I went online and looked at the corporate recruiting site. Although it says you can be an etailer, I don't see an etailer package, just the $39.95 starter package and then the choice of 3 different upgrades in the first 90 days, the most expensive one giving you the website start up for free with 3 months free site maintenance.

Is that the way you get to have a website? Although I wasn't looking to have inventory, I am interested in using the products, so is the best (most economical) way of joining using my preferences (web site w/personal and/or demonstration products?)...

It's a little confusing. I looked at Watkins years ago and then you could just be a preferred customer...I see that referenced in the text on the site, but no mention of it in the biz opportunity section, although I suppose technically being a preferred customer isn't a business...LOL..

Any clarity you can give me on the start up packages would be great. Thank you!

09-07-2011, 11:36 AM
I believe after you sign up with Watkins you can get your website for a one time $64.95 setup fee. After that you will pay $19.95 a month. There is also a free option. You have the option of using Watkinsonline.com and you can just tell your customers to use your associate id number when they are placing an order.

The large kit your talking about which is called Watkinize Your Home Kit is optional and you can get it anytime. The kit allows you to try some of Watkins top selling products and you can receive more bonuses when you purchase the kit.

Using Watkins products can actually help you reach leadership levels. You receive a certain amount of points based on the amount of products you order or sell.

If you are not interested in building the business you do have the option of joining just to receive 25% off the products and you won't be penalized for not selling or ordering a certain amount.

If you are interested in team building you might want to consider joining the Summit Group. It's free to join and the group gives it's members a lot of free training and a free website to promote the business opportunity. I'm apart of this group and I'm glad I joined through them.

If you want to know more about the Summit Group, click the link in my signature that says Watkins Home Business Opportunity. Let me know if you have anymore questions I will be glad to help.

09-08-2011, 06:22 AM
LaMonica explained it well. As she mentioned, you really don't need the dedicated website as you are free to use the online catalog site and referencing your ID#.

When just starting out, I usually tell folks that the extra expense up front can actually be better utilized. Then, if you feel you still want it, you have that option to pick up the dedicated website at a later time.

This will also give you an opportunity to get familiar with the company and products. Then, you may feel more comfortable with the Watkinize Your Home set (as it is an awesome value). And of course, you will be able to pick up the dedicated site for free. After three months you can decide if you want to continue it for the $20 service fee per month or drop it without being penalized.

Most folks who just want the personal discount start out with the $40 membership fee. Then, if you do feel you want to build a business, you can - very stress free and no min requirements to worry about. Share the business (or not) at your own pace.

Hope that makes sense. Do keep us posted ~ :)

The Watkins Man
10-24-2011, 12:43 PM
There is also an annual 32 dollar membership fee that is included with each startup package.


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