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08-18-2011, 09:06 AM
How do you see and how do you use Social and business networking sites? Having been in and around internet forums and bulletin boards since the mid 1990's and network marketing since the early 80's I have a lot of healthy connections in the profession. The downside to that is I receive numerous invites on the social networks and invitations to join the newest ones that will pay me to play and make friends. I say downside because often it is by people pillaging others' lists. It has come to a point that I hardly even look at social and business network platforms any more unless I see their name a few times and then just so I know what's out there and a little about them. I really have no interest in being paid to bring people to systems where they are bombarded with the owners' ads or empty invitations to connect by people who want to be seen but have no interest in what I do.

Someone, I believe Ken, mentioned seeing what he could do about getting word on the WAHD forum out on Facebook. An interesting idea and I don't know how far he took it but it could serve as an interesting example of the point I wanted to make. As noted earlier I get bombarded with invitations on FB and Twitter and other open sites but accept very few though I do take a peek at who many of them are and what they talk about. I will always look at someone who took the time to include a PERSONAL message with their invite. It is a step in the networking process I urge everyone to use. Savvy people in our profession know that the quality of their network isn't in how big it is but in how interactive it is. Don't just invite someone because you saw them on another list. Take a look at what info might be available and determine if there might be a mutual benefit in your connection. If there is or you see some other reason to connect add a personal message. (personal invites don't include links to opps, tools, or products) Mention what caught your eye, maybe it is a mutual interest, contact or hometown. I use twitter more to read others and occasionally promote my message or retweet somebody else. But I'm far more interactive with a mix of business and pleasure someplace like Facebook or more business oriented on Linked In.

That's me and those are how those platforms are best used. I can guarantee you will make more beneficial connections and spend less tie spinning your wheels if you open on a personal note because you are ore apt to get an exchange. The exchanges are where you get a chance to introduce ore about what you do with an even better chance that it will actually be heard and understood. If possible offer an idea or info that benefits them and not you otherwise give the the opportunity to present what they do before selling your program.

I'd be happy to expand our connections assuming I'm not going to play catcher to a lot of fast pitches and curves. ;-)

Gery DiMarco

08-18-2011, 09:22 AM
Great post, Marco.

I use Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded people. I like to "Friend Up". Meaning, I like to connect with people who are where I want to be, which will allow me to bring other people up with me. :)

Like you, I receive lots of requests from people. I ignore the requests from people who didn't take the time to send a personal note with their requests. Social Networking is about building relationships and not trying to make a dollar off someone.

Peace & Blessings my friend.

Send me a message with your Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook contact information. I'd love to connect with you.