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06-13-2011, 12:49 PM
Hello Everyone,

Have you ever heard the saying ďStraight From The Horses MouthĒ

Well Iím writing this post on behalf of myself and my friend Lindy, we are Personal Assistants/Support Girls for a very large private Internet Marketing Business, and we also run our own IM Businessís.

Now we are going to give our Boss a good plug here, and youíll understand why as you read on. We work for a Boss who really cares, not only about his IM Team Members, but also about his staff.

How many Bossís have you ever heard of who would actively encourage and help their employees to start and run their own Businessís.

Our Boss, John, does just that, and in fact he has helped us build our own Internet Marketing Businessís to the point where Lindy and I could quit working for him today, and live off the profits we make from our own IM Businessís.

Would we do that? No Way! We luv working both for and with John, we continue to learn from him and we feel very much a part of his Business.

So how does any of this help you?

Well we can help you build a Real Business too, one that will build to the stage that you could make your full time living working from home. And we say within 12 Months, we will help you do that.

For the past few months we have been working on something new. And yes, I really do mean ďweĒ, Lindy and I have been very involved in all of the planning and setup. John just couldnít do without us. Lol.

It is a Fast Track Team to help our Members promote one of the very best Business Opportunities on the Internet. This is what we specialize in, filling in the gaps that just about every Business Opportunity has, creating Teams and Support Systems and Free Private Membership Sites to help all our Team Members build their Businessís and make profits.

The Program we are promoting is low cost to start and you really could replace your present income within 12 Months, then work from Home, or build an excellent second income for yourself that will just keep growing. The Program is very well established with over 200,000 Members already.

We donít go into untried Programs, we choose only the best and then build our Team Support for them. And we donít rush in just to make a quick profit, in this case we have been working on our Team project for nearly six months. You can see the confidence we have in both the Program and our own system, to have spent that much time and effort on it.

Believe me, everyday we see people falling for Biz Ops that look good at a glance, but will never deliver up to their promises. They dazzle you with hype and glitter to get your money and then you are on your own, wondering what you did wrong, why your not making all the money they promised you would make, why your life hasnít changed any.

Well, we are different. Just read what John has to say on our website, he says he will tell you ďFacts Not fairy TalesĒ. If you really want to change your life just look through our website and read what he says.

If you join with us you receive Free Membership to our Private Team Membership Site, and you wonít believe just how much we have in there for you, to help you build your Business. We give you all the resources we use ourselves, resources that would be hard to find by yourselves, including thousands of dollars in value of free advertising. Our Membership Site is currently 18 pages, and some of them are BIG pages, we know, we have spent days and days adding to them. Or weeks and weeks! lol

Lindy and I even have our own Page in the Membership Site, where we give personal advice to help you, some from what we learn from John, but also from experience with our own IM Businessís. We also run the Support system if you need help with anything.

Now all of this is not to help you make a few extra dollars per week, itís to help you build a REAL Business, to replace your job income and finally be able to work from home, if that is what you wish. Of course you can also just run it as a part time Business too.

What we offer to you, how we do it, and our personal touch is truly very different to most other Internet Businessís that you ever have seen.

And if you live in the US, read what John has to say about that. Something that most likely no other IM Business has ever bothered to tell you about, because truly, most are more interested in themselves than in you.

Have a look for yourself.

Infinity Downline Fast Track Team (http://www.johnporter-fasttrackteam.com)


Anna & Lindy

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