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05-06-2011, 08:33 PM
I have an online store (online since 1997) and am revamping it in a completely different direction. I have a good bit of gift and collectibles type inventory I'd like to sell. I've tried eBay selling a couple items at a time but that will take FOREVER even at below wholesale prices. Tried to list in lots and that didn't do anything. Overstock won't touch anything less than 1,000 pieces. Mine are like 72 nights lights in 22 different varieties.

Thanks for any suggestions,


05-06-2011, 08:53 PM
I go to fairs/festivals all the time and see people set up a table and have boxes and boxes of overstock
or dollar store merchandise line up in rows i.e. row 1 everything $1 Row 2 everything $2 etc. and always
draw a crowd. I think the highest priced item they sell is $10

Find a big craft/vendor show or community festival that you can set up at, pay a small fee for the space
and as the day goes on, once you sell out most of your $5 items, move the rest into the $4 row, etc. etc.
If you've priced it at $5 and it isn't selling, move it into a lower price row. Better to get the inventory sold
and the cash in your hand, then to be left with 10 pieces of something you have a hard time selling later.

just my 2 cents

05-07-2011, 10:52 AM
Thinking along those same lines, this morning I took some college flags, authentic lighthouse replicas, sun catchers and night lights to a friend's yard sale. Just wanted to get a feel for this market. Everything was still in box and plastic and I started at $1.00 under wholesale -- college flags were marked $7 each. Glass hand painted night lights were $4 each and the rest were marked accordingly. Well, after 4 hours, I sold 3 college flags and ......... wait for it ...... nothing else!

I do agree no inventory is better than some inventory. Am gonna make some calls and see how much it might cost to rent space at a flea market.

Wish me luck!


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