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04-27-2011, 06:57 AM
Hello fellow lia lovers!!

Looking to get solid feedback & your views on the issue that has recently popped up for me~ Imagine...
You are in a whirlwind at a Show of FUN, BLING and a great friends! Your sales are great, and you booked three shows in one night! These ladies all were super pumped about their Show walking away with dates booked and FREE retired jewelry for booking that night! It's quite a solid spot with your bookings from the Show~all seems well when you walk away from the hostesses house and you had an awesome night with everyone. Closing your hostesses Show all was POSITIVE too! And she was excited to come to her girlfriends Shows (so she said)

You begin your ideals with hostess coaching~ One week goes by after you sent a thank you note and left a message with your new hostesses to do a bit of party planning etc. You call again a week later to see if you can catch her~ and leave another message. Then maybe a day after send a postcard to let her know you're thinking of her and can't wait to chat and party plan for her ladies night out. It has now been 3 weeks and no response from the hostesses who booked their Shows. You finally have no response, no guest list- NOTHING- and you are out those 3 bookings. At this point I know I am not going to get a response and leave a message with a sincereness about her ladies night out and STILL no response...

What would you do- You are out those three bookings- those ladies received free jewelry the night of their friends Show for booking and you gave their friend extra perks as a hostess. :confused:

lia lo
04-27-2011, 09:34 AM
I hate that, Honeeb. You always wish they would either not book the party, or if they change their mind, at least tell you so that you can free up the date and move on.

Which is about all I think there is left to do here.

My advice would be to use this as motivation to make sure it doesn't happen that way again. Or at least not very often!

Some of the things I do that have made a difference in my datebook:

I insist on a guest list within 3 days. I tell them at the time of their booking that I can't hold their date, order their advance bonus item or count the show for the hostesss until they have a guest list with 30 names in. I also tell them I cannot close this show until their list is in for their own show. It's effective. If they dont' do that - or at least work with you to make suitable arrangements for the list, they're not going to have their show. Better that you know it right away.

I write the date and time by which their list needs to be in right on their hostess packet, show it to them and say, will that be a problem?

I get the hostess's help. If a list is not coming in, I'll ask her to touch bases with her friend(s) and remind them that their list is due. I'll ask her to let me know if they have decided not to have the party after all. Knowing I can't close their show without the list helps, although most of them would do it just to be helpful. They can be a good go-between, especially for finding out why the list isn't coming in.

Many advisors bring the retired jewelry to the show instead of giving it out that night - put it in "jewelry jail" until then. I've done it both ways.

Then I do follow up if I dont' get the list in. It sounds like you're doing the right things in that area.

Some just don't do the party and don't do you the courtesy of saying so. In those cases, it's still important to be polite and not give vent to your frustration. Friends talk. You don't want to taint the whole tree by leaving things in an unpleasant way. Just let them know that you're sorry it isn't working out to do their party now and that you know that when they're ready for a great time and lots of wonderful free jewelry, you'll be able to help them get it.

I hope you find something useful in this. Sorry that it happened to you, but embrace that wonderful, 40 letter word. No, not that one!

This one: "Next!"

Good luck!

04-28-2011, 11:09 AM
I love the language that you need their guest list back with 30 names on it in order to close the current show and give the current hostess the benefits (and I am going to use it). I also believe in jewelry jail. Let them pick it out and then tell them that you will bring it to them at their show, until then it is in jewelry jail.

I also tell my Hostesses that we have a tentative date pencilled in and it doesn't become permanent until I get the guest list.

I would leave a message with each of the three saying:

Suzy Q, this is Honeeb your jewelry lady. I am super excited about doing a lia sophia show with you, but I haven't been able to touch base with you to party plan. I know that sometimes life gets in the way. At this point I will have to remove you from my calendar and when life is a little less hectic for you we can reschedule your show.

I would also personally ask her to pay you for the FREE jewelry that she now has. It sounds silly but asking for the value $3.50 plus sales tax and s&h and she might just understand that this is a business.

05-02-2011, 06:35 AM
We just talked about this topic at our meeting=)

An idea that was given to us was to leave a message (the last message that you leave)

say Hi this is (name) from lia sophia. I'm just calling you to touch base with you about your jewelry party in 2 days, and am letting you know that if I do not here from you by then I will be at your house at (time of party). Any questions please contact me at (phone number)

also send a text if it's a cell phone number that you have.

We were told that this usually will spark a response.

Also if you booked this party from a show, you can always call your previous hostess and tell her that you are trying to contact _____ about her party that she booked on _______ date.

I like the idea of not closing show until you recieve guest lists from the parties booked!!!!

05-02-2011, 09:47 AM
Great responses...
What I also do is contact the past hostess and let her know that I have made attempts by phone, text, email or FB..and have received no reply from BOOKYQ. I let her know that I am worried about her friend..is she ok?
And then I say, HostyQ, I awarded your show (I never say you) an extra xxx in host credit based upon BookyQ agreeing to host. Would you have an alternate person to step in and fulfill that obligation?

I leave it at that.... sometimes it does get me a replacement...sometimes not.