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View Full Version : Why can't I sell my item!?!?

04-16-2011, 10:53 AM
I am so frustrated right now. I posted a nice solid gold watch on ebay for 4,000 buy it now, since it's worth more than double that. I put it on wednesday night, and someone bought it 5 minutes later. There person had just created their account, was in france, and had no feedback. I then got an email from "paypal" saying they were putting a hold on my funds until I provided a tracking number. I also got several emails from someone claiming to be a lady in france and kept marking the emails saying "VERY URGANT" saying she needed the item right away. I went to click n' ship, paid for shipping and was about to send it through. Then a mirical happened, I got a payment from paypal and they held the funds on another item I was selling until they could verify the customer. Then I knew what it really looked like when funds were holding. I decided to take a double look at that email, Gmail hides the email adress in mail unless you click "show more" so i never noticed, but the email adress that was sending me all of this and claiming to be paypal was [email protected] I called paypal immediately to verify what I already knew, it was a scam, they wanted to make me think the item was paid for and then ship it off "urgently". I forwarded the email to spoof @ paypal and reported to ebay and relisted the item.

Afer relisting the watch someone else bought it now within 20 minutes. I noticed they lived in the US this time, but still had a new account and no feedback, but I thought it was legit. Then i got it, an email to request shipment to nigeria and another spoof email. I just want to sell my item and for these scammers to stop playing games. These emails look very authentic, pictures and all that paypal have on their emails. I couldn't find any posts about this but wanted to give a warning. I am relisting and not doing buy it now, and I'll delete bids from those who may be fraudulent.

04-17-2011, 05:50 AM
One thing that might help is blocking members who have less than a certain level on ebay. This is under Buyer Requirements, which is at the bottom of the Edit Listing page. Here is the ebay help page (http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/buyer-requirements.html) on the topic. I have blocked buyers based on location before, but it sounds like you'll want to block anyone with 0 rep for sure!
Good luck!

04-17-2011, 07:21 AM
First of all you should not be selling $4,000 items on ebay unless you are 100% sure you know how Ebay works.

Dont sell expensive items overseas - period set up your listing so only u.s. shipping only
Don't consider the item sold - no matter what email you get - until you go to the ebay site and paypal site
directly to see that the money has been processed and the item is sold.

When shipping, you want to send the item INSURED, with TRACKING, and with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION of receipt of delivery. Remember, delivery confirmation is not tracking, its just semi proof of delivery and does not guarantee the item was actually delivered to the person intended.

On Ebay, if you make a mistake YOU the seller pay for it. If the item is damaged in shipping YOU the seller pay for it. If the item is LOST in shipment, YOU the seller are responsible for it.

PayPal and Ebay side with the BUYER most of the time.


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