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04-14-2011, 06:03 AM
Things are going awesome with Beachbody and we're seeing some amazing growth.

The Question is Why? Why is Beachbody growing at such a steady pace and why are big networkers finally climbing aboard this amazing company? What makes this company SO different? I would like to examine this closely and share some insight. My goal is so you will better understand what the difference factors are and why it may be time for those on the sidelines to "get in the game".

1. Beachbody Leads with REAL HEALTH solutions - If you look around the network marketing community you will see that health companies dominate the industry.
a. Single product companies come and go
b. Technology companies cant keep it
c. Get rich quick schemes never work

2. Beachbody Focuses on Real Heatlh - Although many nutritional companies do o.k. (USANNA, Melaluca, Shaklee, ect.,ect.) they don't address the problem. If you don't promote fitness your health business is nothing more than a supplement company. Do you want to be in the "Health Business" or the supplement business. Fitness is the KEY and anything else is temporary or just a flat out lie

3. Beachbody has MAJOR branding and notoriety - Can you count the network marketing companies using direct response television? I can, ONE - Beachbody. That gives your products instant credibilty and recognition. (p.s. Learn to market on the internet and you have a cash cow)

4. Beachbody releases products quarterly - Many companies have a flagship product but that often creates stagnation and overexposure. BeachBody comes out with products so often that you always have a way to capture new leads, sales, and customers. Not to mention marketing to existing customers.

5. Beachbody offers a customer program - With millions of advertising from TV and Print Beachbody is able to grow a staggering amount of customers. These customers are a GIVEN to emerald coaches and above and they can market to these customers and earn revenue for the life of that customer.

6. Beachbody is endorsed by Celebrities - BUT WAIT.... Here is the difference. Most celebrity endoresements come with compensation. Not Beachbody! Singers, Congressman, Pro Athletes use Beachbody products without compensation.

You know, I could go on and on... but I wont. I am sure by now you get the picture. The fact is that network marketing is NOT for everybody and nobody (in their right mind) said it was easy. But mastering the basics will produce results. Get engaged, get on the calls, attend the summit, and LEARN the fundamentals of how to build a home based business and you will excel. Learn online marketing and a company that generates the amount of traffic and buzz that BeachBody does and your PV and Team will grow like crazy. Example, two team members that are utilizing online markeing (bloggin, SEO, traffic, lead acquistion) have weekly PV's of over 500+ every week.

Check out my signature for more details.....

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