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02-04-2011, 07:14 PM
I have two questions if I can have someone help me with the answers please...

1- I see that the skin care line has been completely changed and relaunched. does this mean that BC now does skin care parties instead of Spa focused one? what has changed in the delivery of BC products and opportunity at parties?
I tried BC several years ago, but the whole Spa party concept did not quite fit for me. it was too long, cumbersome and complicated with the wide range of products to use/display/demo/promote and the time it took. I am more of a skin care junkie rather than a spa type. I also came from the MK and arbone world years before that.
so, is BC offering a new second choice when it comes to the type of parties/spas you do?

2- the other thing that quite bothered me when i had my quick try at BC as a business and client, was that the company does not tell you the shelf life of your products. they do tell you as all companies do, that it is 3 years opened and 5 years unopened.
HOWEVER, BC does not tell you how to read the codes on your products to know when they were manufactured, so you will know how long you have to sell them/use them.

your answers are appreciated.

02-04-2011, 07:51 PM
Hi Coco,

I'm doing a "hand & feet" spa at my house next weekend. I think it's really up to you on how you want to do your spas. New skin care is great - you should try it. I believe BC's focus is still spas but they include their skin care in the word "spa". I will touch on it all.

I'm doing a come back spa after about 2 years of not selling but only using the product. I'm quite glad I stuck with it all these years.

For your last question - I would also like to know. I've never had product on my shelf that long so I really have never worried about it.

Good luck ....and I'm always looking for great team members!


02-04-2011, 08:33 PM
YES!!! BeautiControl has realigned their spa to make our new skin care the super star of the spa!

There are so many new sales aids and systems that support building a long term loyal base of skin care customers. Some of the figures say that 80% of the people you skin sensor and demonstrate the new skin care products on, will buy at least partof the new line from you.

Of course most consultants will make small adaptations to their current spa routines, but the new one that is being taught to new consultants can be done in 60 minutes, with the products that come in the beauticase!

So in the 60 minute spa, you will do the skin sensors on everyone, give them a custom skin care prescription, do the instant manicure & manicure creme, and lip appeel.

I recently saw one of my Director friends, Monique Strathern do this exact spa and it was great! What I liked that she also did was she had 4 trays on the coffee table as well. One had the Instant Face lift, one had some make up, one the spa sugar Squeeze line and one the Manicure products. So at the end of her 60 minute spa, she promoted 2 of her other spa themes available, make up and Instant face lift, and she highlighed 2 of the product lines featured in the January client flyer, and closed her spa with excitement about the other spas that she offers and some additional product lines that were featured or on sale that month.

I too would like to see more product expiration dates on our products. Have you considered sending this request to product@beauticontrol.com ( Gary Jones' office ) ?