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View Full Version : Anyone who Does Shows out There?

02-03-2011, 08:11 AM
I was wondering if anyone actually makes enough doing shows to seriously make a dent in their budget woes. I was considering checking out craft shows including the ones that they have year round (like a flea market) but I can't imagine making nearly enough.

02-12-2011, 11:19 AM
I make about half of my income for the year at craft shows / craft-vendor shows / festivals / bazaars.

The key is to book your show wisely and carry products that sell at a good price point.

The smaller shows are notoriously horrible about advertising both for vendors and customers.

Attend a few shows as a customer, see what is selling. Talk to the vendors, they will chat with you and
tell you what shows are good and what shows to avoid like the plague.

Dont book a show that is out of your budget. Dont be afraid to ask the organizer questions like what is the
average attendance? Do you charge admission? If they advertise 10x10 space for a set price, would they
be willing to let you have a smaller space at a lower price if you are new to the business.

If a long show (8 hours or more) is food available and what are there prices. If the event is ripping people off with food prices, chances are their booth prices are overpriced also.

Research, research, research... If you sell products meant for adults and there will be kids attending too
have something that the kids can buy and afford. Every sale adds up

I lean towards craft/vendor shows and festivals and have grossed $1500 at several shows.
My smaller shows usually bring in $300 - $400 in sales and I never pay more than $60 for a space

I have had promoters send me several emails of PLEASE ATTEND OUR SHOW and if the price was too
high for a space I let them know. If they want you bad enough, they may cut their price.

Start small....and LISTEN to what customers and other vendors say about shows, you will get valuable advice. Adapt as necessary, change prices if you need to Up and Down
Underpricing is just as bad as Overpricing

pm me for more suggestions if you want

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