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View Full Version : Question about JJ?

12-30-2010, 05:46 PM
Hi Ladies!

I would love to hear both pros and cons of joining this great company. I know there are good and sometimes not so great points in every company, but if you wouldn't mind sharing both I would greatly appreciate it.
I am especially interested in learning about all the extra costs or fees, i.e. hostess benefits, hostess gifts, or any extra costs that the JJ Rep has to cover out of their 50% commission.
Is using credit cards expensive as far as transaction fees are concerned? What do you charge for s&h, both on individual orders and at home parties?

If anyone prefers to, they can PM me their answers as well. I am looking at a few companies, and want to know both good and bad in regards to all of them so I can make a more informed decision.
I appreciate all replies!


12-30-2010, 07:41 PM
I'd love more info too! I have tried contacting three consultants and none of them have answered and it's been a few weeks.
I can be reached via email inuyashas_angel@hotmail.com

Angie Bricker
01-01-2011, 09:45 AM
Happy New Year Ladies!!

I'd love to give you both some honest answers to your questions. I'll give you an example of my average home party: Sales before tax are $500, my gross profit is $250. Out of that $250 I will pay for hostess rewards of 10% of total sales = $50 in retail jewelry. This costs me only $25. She also earns a free hostess exclusive bracelet at a cost to us of $3.50. She can purchase 2 items at half price, which is our cost. Business supplies like catalogs and receipts, bags and tissue paper will depend on how many guests there are. Catalogs are currently $1 each and receipts are 10 cents each, bags are 8 cents and tissue paper for me is around 1 cent for each items wrapped. So let's say you have 8 guests who take home 4 catalogs and buy 30 items (an estimate of course) that would make your total out of pocket costs $30.24 out of $250 profit, leaving you $215.76 or 43% net profit. There are no shipping charges added on to customer purchases.

I use Propay and my fees are $39 annually and 4% per transaction. I think customers buy more if they know they can use debit or credit.

I love Just Jewelry and the founders. They really do listen to their consultants and want you to succeed. The quality and design of each collection just keeps getting better and better every season! If there are any cons I'd say for me it is when an item is out of stock but eve that has improved greatly over time!! It's rare now that an item is out of stock and they keep us informed of the situation and we have a private facebook group that we can usually find the item from another consultant who has it in their inventory.

My customers love the price point and the style and I have MANY repeat customers that buy privately on a regular basis. I also set up at lots of vendor events and in fact before Christmas there were at least two instances where I had 6 events within 8 days including craft shows, markets and home shows!!

As for home parties, it's an open house format and ladies love to take their purchase home with them and not have to listen to a presentation or feel pressured in any way. In fact, guests see the easy pricing structure and appreciate knowing what an item costs before picking it up and falling love with it, as opposed to finding a piece they love then seeing the price and being disappointed that it is out of their budget. These ladies seem to forget they are helping the hostess earn free jewelry, they are so excited about the prices and styles and quality that they are just thinking what a great deal they are getting on great jewelry for themselves. LOL

Our new catalog comes out the first weekend of March and that's our National Conference in Ohio with an awesome motiviational speaker and lots of awards and fun sessions, along with networking with some fabulous consultants from across the country!!

Please feel free to contact me at abricker@itsjustjewelry.com and I'll answer any other questions you may have. I can also send you some forms to look over to see if Just Jewelry is something you'd like to build a business with. It's a great time to jump on board and ride the wave of growth we are seeing. It is getting bigger and better all the time!!

Angie Bricker, Just Jewelry Team Leader
Welcome to Just Jewelry (http://www.itsjustjewelry.com/angie)

01-02-2011, 07:10 PM
I agree, Angie! This is really a great time to jump on board with Just Jewelry. In January, consultants get an additional 10% off their jewelry purchases, which can be used toward start-up kits as well. We already make 50% commission, so this is a great deal! And what better time to start a new business than in a new year! We'd love to have you join this great family of consultants. :)

~ Christina Willcox
Just Jewelry Team Leader