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12-24-2010, 04:01 AM

This is well worth your time.

...and very exciting - timing is everything go here now and lock your spot.

Bellamora International Group

Bellamora, a new cosmetic company is launching an Amazing Breakthrough Skin
Care Product that produces IMMEDIATE results in reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating your skin.

F.ree Samples…NO M0NEY OUT OF POCKET...none, zero, zilch - we don't want your money and we don't want your credit card info.

This is a must see...10 years in development...the science is there, the backers are there, and the owners know how to build, maintain, and run successful m,lm business.

Everyone who watches this doctor/bellamora story video wants to try the product...watch the video and you will see why

STEP ONE - Watch the Video = Amazing Results

Bellamora International Group

It is so much MORE than a "beauty regiment" ... it has amazing HEALING benefits for burn victims and rejuvenates and improves Wrinkles, Age Spots, Crow's Feet, Skin Blemishes, Fine Lines, Skin Tone, Fever Blisters, Burns, etc.

With unlimited f.ree samples being shipped out during pre-launch, the company is
putting their m0ney where their mouth is. This generous investment into the field is a
HUGE Advantage for associates to build complete teams with NO m0ney out of pocket!

This action is unprecedented in the history of network marketing and a
clear sign Bellamora is extremely confident in their success and yours!

Bellamora will send you…

* A f.ree sample ( One weeks worth )
* Will not even charge shipping and handling
* Will not ask for credit card information.

There is huge financing behind Bellamora and m0ney is obviously
no object for this very impressive company. A few matters of interest…

* Over EIGHT MILLION has been invested in Research and Development.
* The original formula was invented by Dr. Bruce Miller and together with Dr
Richard Kronenthal, a Head Chemist for Johnson & Johnson have produced
a Breakthrough Product Line unlike anything else on the marketplace
* Bellamora is already in Five Countries other than the USA : Columbia ,
Costa Rica , Panama , Dominican Republic and Mexico

STEP TWO (if you didn't join yet at the site above) - Click On The Link Below Now To Receive Your F.ree Product!

Bellamora International Group click on Join Now way at the top right

NOTE: When you sign up F.REE just skip over the payment information and the
company will ship your F.REE Sample. Than take full advantage of this pre-launch
and potentially create a significant long-term income in record breaking time

With that said, Copy & paste this email, add your website link & send it out to
all your friends and contacts ASAP…before they send their website link to you!

Don’t Under-Estimate the Power of a Pre-launch!

Don’t waste any time…people are jumping all over this and the sooner you
get in…the more people you will have on your team…and the more people you
have on your team…the more m0ney you will earn upon the official launch

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