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12-06-2010, 11:11 AM
Hey Y'all! I was just turned onto a new company and I have to share it with y'all.

Have you ever heard of The Mother Company? Well, I was introduced to their new DVD "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings Show". It is the first in a series of DVD's by The Mother Company that aid in social and emotional learning for children age 3-6.

My little boy JD is 4 1/2 years old. He started Pre-K this year and has been around some children that are just bad. He has tried to pick up habits that are totally unacceptable in this household. And honestly, we have had some difficulty trying to teach him not to act the way some other children do without seeming ugly towards these other children.

One day last week JD decided to do something at school that was totally out of character for him; he pulled his pants and underwear down. Instead of time-outs, taking away toys, etc I popped in this DVD and made him sit on the couch and watch it. During some of it I got up and let him watch it alone and I'd come sit down for a few minutes to see his reactions. He opened up and was telling me about his feelings.

:D JD is a mess now. He's the center of attention everywhere he goes because he's so handsome and has such a great personality. So you can only imagine the things he gets away with. It's rough. Look, he has to take a new antibiotic because he is having a hard time getting rid of this ear infection. Well, he thinks is just gross and gags everything he takes it, lol. I know I shouldn't laugh but it's funny. Anyways, he told me this morning the taste of this medicine makes him angry. He got this mean face on him and everything. Too cute.

Sometimes my husband and I get so caught up in the "do this, do that" mode that we forget to think how that makes JD feel. We don't always want to hear excuses or explanations on why he does some of the things he does. We just want him to know that it's right or wrong and to either keep doing it or stop. This DVD really helped open my eyes and my heart.

See, this DVD was created by moms on a mission to reinvent screen time. "Ruby's Studio: The Feelings show" helps young children understand, express and move through their feelings. It’s also a parenting tool to help with common behavioral issues in preschoolers and a healthier TV alternative. It aids in school readiness and it is recommended by pediatricians, educators, moms, kids -- and Daily Candy.

As a mom to a 4-year old I was very pleased with this DVD and I would recommend it to my friends and family.

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