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10-05-2010, 02:07 PM
What is Club Asteria? Take a LOOK!

OPPORTUNITY PRESENTATION - CLICK HERE! (http://www.club-asteria.us/video/17thWeb2.mp4)

Our Global Membership Program is THE most valuable asset each Club Member has. We believe that each Member's earnings power should be in direct proportion to the efforts he/she makes to promote Club Asteria.

Simply stated - the more you use the programs and services Club Asteria offers, the greater will be your reward.

To keep track of each Member's activities in the Club, we reward you with "Asterios" (our name for loyalty / commission points).

The number of Asterios you earn through your participation in the Club is set separately for each program and service we offer. Some programs are more valuable than others and your rewards are therefore higher than what you would earn with lower value programs. Please check the respective Programs Tabs for details of Asterio rewards.

From time to time, Club Asteria will offer special promotions which earn additional Asterios to those Members who take advantage of them. These promotions will be announced periodically through the News section. Members must read the News section weekly in order to qualify for commissions.

For details of the Commission Plan Click Here (http://lisabouvier.com/)

Membership Levels

Club Asteria offers three levels of memberships, the Free, Silver and Gold Memberships with the following costs and benefits:

Free Our free membership entitles Members to access our Programs and Services and to earn Asterios. As a Free Member, you can accumulate Asterios in your account, but you cannot earn commissions until you upgrade to a paid membership level. As a FREE Member you receive:

* Your own self replicated website
* Access to live webinars, and
* Consultation and training on a variety of subjects

Silver $9.95 per month membership entitles Members to access our Programs and Services, to earn Asterios and earn commissions. Silver Members receive 10 Asterios per month over and above the benefits of a Free Member.

The Silver Member who introduces a Silver or Gold Member to Club Asteria receives $4.50 CASH per month for as long as both the Members (the Silver Member and the new member) are active.

Gold $19.95 per month membership entitles Members to access our Programs and Services, to earn Asterios, earn commissions and to receive the following benefits over and above the benefits of a Silver Member:

* 20 Asterios per month
* Accesss to our Club Asteria Library - 10,000 titles - all downloadable.
Click here to view a selection of titles

Gold Members who introduce a Gold Member to Club Asteria receives $9.00 CASH per month for as long as both Member (the Gold Member and the new member) are active.

Gold Members who introduces a Silver Member to Club Asteria receives $4.50 CASH per month for as long as (the Gold Member and the new member) are active.

All Commissions above are subject to processor fees and then either $4.50 for Silver or $9.00 for gold Membership is paid to the referrer depending on their status.

Why should I become a Gold Member?

Our primary mission at Club Asteria is to help you achieve financial independence so you can support yourself, your family in your chosen country of residence as well as your relatives in your home country. We do this by providing you with coaching, counseling, training and programs that will help you improve yourself and thereby enhance your chances for greater earnings.

By becoming a Gold Member for only $19.95 per month, you will gain FREE access to THOUSANDS of e-Books, CDs, Tapes, Videos, Educational Seminars, Software, Audio Recordings, Informative Reports and Systems that you can download – and sell if you wish! We have over 10,000 titles in our Library valued at $7,500, most of which come with complete Reseller Rights, and they are yours to choose from. What an incredible value for your own education AND to earn extra money!

Once you have downloaded a title from our Library that comes with Reseller Rights, you can sell it at whatever price you desire. You can price it at the suggested retail price or name your own price – the choice is yours! You can start your own business with Zero Cash required, earn lots of money – and you will find everything you need right here in our Library. Click here for a peek at what our Library has to offer.

How Much Can I Earn On Commissions – What Do I Have To Do?

That’s easy! Just upgrade yourself, introduce new paying Members, and earn CASH Commissions on their Membership Fees!

Take a look at the chart below and decide how much money you would like to make every month. When a Silver or Gold member introduces a new Silver or Gold Member, you benefit from your efforts EVERY SINGLY MONTH! By just introducing five Silver Members, your monthly earnings will be $22.50; by introducing ten Gold Members, your monthly earnings can be $90; and by introducing twenty Silver and twenty Gold Members, your monthly income from commissions will be $270, and so on. Your monthly commissions are in addition to our Weekly Commission Run and other Bonuses that Gold Members receive.

http://clubasteria.com (http://lisabouvier.com/)

All commissions are paid from the sales that you personally introduce.

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