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06-04-2010, 08:43 AM
Do you answer the door while you're busy working from home?

Unfortunately, by not answering the door yesterday I got my husband in trouble. :(

My husband and I live 45 minutes from post. Wednesday at the end of the day they told him that they would be inspecting everyone's housing on Thursday. That's fine, I assumed it would be after work (like they normally do) because my husband is in a class that the Army put him in that they won't let him miss, and I never knew them to do a housing inspection without the soldier present.

I was wrong.
I heard a knock at the door around 11:00. I didn't answer, because I don't like answering the door when I'm by myself (with the kids). Besides, the only people who knock on our door are religious folks wanting us to convert. I honestly didn't think it would be my husband's chief wanting to do an inspection- I thought they only did inspections when the soldiers were present. (We also thought they only did inspections if you lived on post or in government/contracted housing.)

My husband basically got yelled at last night and had to stay late and didn't get home until after 20:00 when the kids were already in bed. :( And he had to be in early this morning so he had to leave at 03:15 instead of 05:15.

So, do you normally answer the door while you're working?

What do you do during home inspections?
How do you keep your kids from messing up the house? I have to vacuum and mop and sweep several times a day when I know they're coming because a stray cheerio will get my husband in trouble.
Are you supposed to go about your life, taking care of your kids and/or working, or are you supposed to walk around with them?
I hate them with a passion. I've gotten called a fat lazy ***** for not keeping the house clean enough when I was on bed-rest during my last pregnancy AND had the swine flu. They've walked in on me breastfeeding. They made comments about my toddler being naked right after using the potty before I had time to get a diaper and clothes on him before they barged into the bathroom.
How do you deal with them?

06-07-2010, 09:35 AM
First of all you are not the soldier your husband is you are a civilian, and if your 45 mintues away do you live on the base? If not you do not live in military housing which most of if is privatized and you pay rent. What they really are looking for is to make sure your children are not living in filth. Poop, urine infested homes, believe me I have seen it with my own eyes. kids running around with fecice on the walls wet carpets from the pee. They really should not be invading your space what they do when your husband is there is a different story. He can go to his first sgt. and talk to him if this gets out of control. I have never had an inspection unless I am moving.

06-08-2010, 11:26 AM
Home inspections? We have always lived off-post and we've never had a home inspection. They seriously come inspect your home?? I had no idea!

06-24-2010, 05:39 AM
I can't believe they come and inspect your home! My husband was in the Marines and we lived off post for a couple of years. We never once had an inspection, even when we moved back on base. I feel so bad for you! I would imagine though, that there are rules about the soldier needing to be present during an inspection. I'd definitely not let them in unless my husband was home! And they are not allowed to call you names like that, I'm sure. You're not the one in the military! I'd file a formal complaint.

07-08-2010, 10:47 PM
Wow that is just insane!! I mean I live on post and I just recently heard that they will schedule inspections with the soldier, but that is housing, not the unit. Craziness!!

07-31-2010, 05:28 PM
We are military as well. I've heard of home inspections before but never experienced them since my husband has been in.

As far as door opening....I never open the door if I'm not expecting anyone and I would have kept the doors closed even if I knew that someone will be coming to inspect our house. I would not let any guys in if DH was at work.