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Mike McClurg
04-25-2010, 11:47 PM
TriVita's New Nopalea Get 2 it Program Is Exploding In Growth! Zero Initial Cost To Start!

Trivita - Sonoran Bloom have recently launched a new program, which helps its fr-ee affiliates to build a successful business. This Get2It program is unique in that it will provide qualified Affiliates with fr-ee members from its Media Acquisition Program (MAP).

You can earn immediate and residual income from TriVita and Sonoran Bloom Nopalea. TriVita has a very unique business model in which they get the Affiliate Members and Customers from TV Advertising. We can then purchase the future commission rights of these Affiliate Members and Customers that TriVita gets from its media advertising. This is very powerful and profitable.

The “Get 2 it!" program is like an Automated Team Build

With TriVita's "Get 2 it!" program, you simply enroll two new Affiliate Members for no charge that have a bottle of Nopalea on a monthly order, and then we (your upline members) will buy three Nopalea Members (a "Media Bundle" of 2 customers & 2 Affiliate) from the new TV infomercial. We call this 1+1=6 because by simply enrolling two, everyone will have six Members on their first tier – this is like an automated "team build” that’s built into the company's members area. Every time you get two more direct referrals, you are eligible to get three Nopalea Members purchased by an upline member - this company system is the ultimate in team building. Can you imagine the duplication from this? We have seen it work for our business and it's incredible! Several new people in our marketing team have received free "Media Bundle" of 2 customers & 2 Affiliates purchased for them already!

Media Package (Bundle):

Just have two qualified members signed up and you will qualify to receive a fr ee media package, which will include:

- One Sonoran Bloom Lead who has taken the Nopalea Wellness challenge and tried the Nopalea anti-inflammatory drink

- One Sonoran Bloom customer who has already purchased 2 Bottles of Nopalea

- Two Affiliate Members interested in building a second income who has purchased a bottle of Sonoran Bloom Nopalea.

So you see you will not be alone in building your business you only need to enroll two members yourself and will be rewarded by your upline for your efforts

With the launch of Sonoran Bloom Nopalea, TriVita has a new ground breaking product like no other. It helps to reduce inflammation, which can be the major cause of many health problems. This product is backed up by science since TriVita did two years of clinical studies.

This is a "Ground Floor" Opportunity with an established company. It's a statistical fact that any company that is less than five years old has a 95% or greater chance of failure. Any company that is less than one year old has a 99% chance of failure. Since TriVita has been in business and paying on time since 1999, there is no better business or opportunity today.

ProfitSharingBiz (PSB) Network (Marketing Team) Provides A Second Team Build:

In addition to Trvita’s "Get 2 it!" team build type system, PSB Network’s (Marketing Team) has Just Started A New Team build to expedite the growth of our downline – this gives you two team build in one! We're assisting everyone to obtain at least one fre-e referral. When you get one more by yourselves, you will qualify for a "Media Bundle" of 2 customers & 2Affiliates - Duplicate this system and you'll have a huge downline in no time!

Action Required To Join Team Build:

1) Review The following web sites / videos but DO NOT SIGNUP FROM the links provided:

a) Discover What 99.5% don't know :

Leveraged Income (http://www.leveragedincomecall.com/)

b) View Short Intro Video: YouTube - Sonoran Bloom (http://tinyurl.com/yj9ssfl)

c) Visit My Sonoran bloom site and Watch A 17 Minute OpportunityVideo - DO NOT SIGNUP From The Below Link:


d) Here is the 30 min. Infomercial that will build our Biz on National TV: Ellison Media Company (http://www.ellisonmedia.com/media/)

TriVita has tested three different versions of the
infomercial, but this one generated response that
literally overwhelmed the call center. Some people
were on hold for over 20 minutes just so they could
get their bottle of Nopalea.

e) Unique Two Stage Compensation Plan: Higher Income (earn up to 30% monthly per referral) in the 1st 90 Days on 3 levels and then continue earning a lucrative income on 7 levels after 90 days: http://tinyurl.com/yhg5b6y

3) Sign-up Fr-ee: you will signup fre-e and schedule a bottle of Nopalea ($39.95) on
autoship - commencing within 30 days.

Go Here-> http://www.sonoranbloom.com/13388272

Outside the U.S. and want to join?
Where's there is a will,There's a way.
email me I'll tell you how.
[email protected]

Mike McClurg

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