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04-25-2010, 06:07 PM
ADVERTISING w/a better PayPlan than TRAFFICWAVE!!!

I have tried to make TrafficWave work many times... mostly
because they had the best payplan.

But I've never had any luck selling it... probably because there
are so many Fre.e autoresponders out there. I personally like...

Grab That Lead Automatic Email Responder (http://www.grabthatlead.com/join.php?id=181)

I've always had better luck selling advertising.

It doesn't matter if someone is promoting a new cell phone
plan... or online groceries... they still need "cost-effective"
advertising to make it work.

Recently I found the latest thing in "cost-effective" advertising.

Did it ever occur to you that Skype could have over...

... 500 MILLION users... WORLDWIDE!!!

But with Skype you can only contact one person at a time. With
this powerful new software addon for Skype... you can use their
system to contact thousands of people at a time!!!

1) you introduce yourself and what you do... be it... showing
people how to make money on the Internet... or producing
bronze baby shoes for new parents.

2) if they have an interest in what you do... they will agree to
let you be a contact.

3) then you can use the system to send text messages... to
thousands of people at a time!!!

4) just be respectful... and over a period of time you could build
a list of MILLIONS of people... that have already acknowledged
that they have an interest in what you do... and have agreed to
accept your messages!!!

Note: it even translates your messages into whatever language
they speak!!!


Go to: http://ez-Adz.com

Recently... I suggested to the owner of the program that he
had a good payplan...

... but that TrafficWave had a better one. It took a week... but
it worked. No business owner likes to think that he doesn't
have the best of anything.

He came up with a BETTER PAYPLAN than TRAFFICWAVE'S!!!

With TrafficWave you get $6 a month on the 3 people in your
"frontline"... which covers the cost of your membership
($18/mo.)... but then after that you only get $1 a month for
your referrals!!!

With his new payplan... you get $6 a month for ALL of your
personal referrals!!!

The first 3 cover the cost of your membership... but you keep
getting $6 a month for your referrals even after that!!!

Much more incentive to keep promoting the program!!!

PLUS... you don't lose your "downline" if you aren't a paid

If for some reason... you can't pay... your commissions just get
passed up to the first paid member. Then when you can afford
to pay your membership... you start getting them again!!!

With TrafficWave... the minute you miss a payment... you lose
your "downline". I know. I've lost a few.

They also pay everything weekly... NOT MONTHLY!!!

... right to your AlertPay... no waiting for checks!!!

Out of the $18/mo. membership... this program pays out

Talk about an "unselfish" program!!!

Grant wants his affiliates to make money... and grow his

TOOL to help you promote it!!!

Go to: http://ez-Adz.com

See ya at the Top!!!

Allan Babby
[email protected]

PS... be sure to check out all the "Fre.e & Almost Fre.e"
Advertising & Marketing Tools on my site...

Go to: Marketers-Toolbox.info (http://marketers-toolbox.info)


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