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View Full Version : Has anyone seen Demarle At Home?

03-26-2010, 11:02 AM
I just learned of this company - and I find their offerings really interesting!

It's refreshing to see a line like this with high quality products that I honestly can appreciate.

Just curious if anyone has been to a party (I guess they call them Rendez-Vous)


Jersey Girl
03-30-2010, 05:45 AM
Never heard of it. I will have to look them up..

04-11-2010, 06:42 PM

Since asking about this, I placed an order so I could try some of the bakeware. It's incredible!

Just to give you a clear picture... I'm old school. I have my metal cookie sheets, good ol' 13x9's and I whip out aluminum foil to bake salmon on.

It was really, really weird moving over to trying this silicone stuff. But man, oh, man.. it cleans like a breeze and it browns foods just beautifully.

The "mothership" to this company is Demarle. They make Silpat baking sheets (never used those before recently, either - and I know Martha Stewart was raving about these probably 10 years ago!).... and they made silicone bakeware that has glass woven into it to help conduct heat better - which is why the foods come out just gorgeous... and nothing sticks to 'em.

I've been extra impressed with how muffins, cakes, and cookies turn out. And... I'm up here in Colorado.. so we have the extra challenge of altitude that can really screw up results when baking!

I just made some Oatmeal Scotchies tonight on the Silpat... and they turned out better than any of the hundreds of them I've baked over the last 30 years. The Silpat (which is a silicone sheet - nothing sticks) is placed on a metal baking sheet with holes (so heat comes through it beautifully). The bottoms of these cookies are just a gorgeous brown all across the bottom... not just the edges as would normally happen with metal baking sheets.

I'm just soooo impressed.


06-10-2010, 10:59 AM

Demarle At Home's products are absolutely top notch. :)

My two most used items (so far) are the silpat baking sheet (I really need to buy 2 more of those) ... and the muffin tray.

I use the muffin tray every week. I downloaded a basic muffin recipe from the internet that can be doctored up to be anything you want it to be.... I have tweaked it to the point that I've got the perfect apple-cinnamon muffin... and I just made blueberry ones yesterday. I've also skipped the sugar and made some with left over cheeses, spinach & a little bit of leftover bacon crumbles... they were amazing.

But more than anything, I'm enjoying using that muffin pan! (gawd, how I hate the results of paper lined muffin pans... or having to clean the metal muffin pans!)

If I were to bail on skin care and decided to do a kitchen related company, I'd be doing DAH.

I believe that DAH could be a very good business because if you get women hooked on a few of their products, AND you develop a good "tickle file" of keeping in touch with your current customers... that many would "collect" this silicone bakeware as well as possibly investing into their stainless cookware (it's too die for, too!).

So I think a smart consultant that really stays on top of her business could do very well by establishing a growing customer base and getting orders for completer pieces.

Do stay in touch and let me know how it goes... and if you sign up, be sure and get in touch with the mods here to have a DAH folder added. I think you could make some good contact through this forum. :)

06-23-2010, 09:45 PM
Hi Sally and all,

I have to agree with you!

My friend held an event at my house. The products were awesome. I am not a huge fan of cooking normally. LOL These products make it so that it's actually fun and very easy to create food that looks and tastes like a chef created it.

My girls and I are having a blast with the products.

I loved and believe in the products so much that I joined the company. I agree this is a fantastic opportunity and the products are wonderful and unique. I really like that Demarle can make anyone feel like a cook.

If anyone has questions for me - please feel free to ask! :)

Can anyone tell me how to get a DAH board started here?
You have to request a folder and have at least 2 or 3 members request as well. See the post in the Southern Living at Home folders requesting a folder for Willow House( SALH is merging with another company so the reps of both companies want one folder instead of having to use the two folders that currently exsist. I hope this helps

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