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View Full Version : Blessings Unlimited?

12-15-2009, 01:15 PM
Anyone have any info on this one? I'm prayerfully considering it, but would love to hear of experiences others have had either consultant, hostess or customer. Any info is appreciated and welcomed.

12-18-2009, 08:40 AM
Hi! I was a hostess a couple years back for a Blessings Unlimited rep. ( I don't believe she's with them anymore though,) Their parties are called "gatherings" and my rep started the party with a short prayer and then passed around about 6-7 items for people to look at and then everyone just talked, ate and ordered. I remember sales being OK and the hostess rewards being fine. Loved the quality of everything I received. (I got one of the necklaces, some framed pictures, serving plate, etc.) Some I gave away as gifts to my family and some I kept. No one booked off my gathering. I know they are based out of Arkansas and they shipped fast. My rep put in our party order in one morning and I had the order on my doorstep in Kansas City the next day. Of course we're close but same day shipping was still pretty quick! Sorry I don't remember anything about their rep plan. I do know another past rep from here on WAHM that I could try to connect you with if you'd like to talk with Krystal (she's a FB buddy). I believe she worked for corporate and then became a rep to begin building a team.
I have been in your place before (recently even), prayerfully considering what to do. May He speak to your heart and let you know when you're on the right path. :)


12-19-2009, 08:06 AM
Thanks Amanda. I've looked into Simply Fun in the past, too. I'm curious, what made you choose that business and how is your business going?


12-23-2009, 08:13 AM
You're welcome Kim. Sorry I didn't see your reply earlier. I've had some trouble connecting to the wahm forum lately but hopefully it's all better now. =) I decided to refocus my business plan after 5 years growing another DS business. I am still with them- just moving to caring for my established clients and team members. As for how I decided on Simply Fun I will TRY to tell the story without being TOO long winded. :)
I had been praying for the last 6 months for God to show me where He wanted me to be. If it was with my current biz then to prosper it and help me to know I was still following His path for my life. If He desired me to make a change then to dry up my bookings with my current biz. Basically, to open and close doors to help me know where I should be. As my bookings dwindled out from a very busy summer and my heart started to change I began to look around. When I found Simply Fun online their message/mission appealed to me, I loved the charity My Stuff Bags that they work with, my family enjoys games, I loved their websites (the quick game videos rock!), the culture of the company seemed fabulous (I looked at videos Simply Fun had put out, pictures from their summer convention on FB...) and I liked the opportunity to do fundraisers with schools and daycares with something worthwhile (I'm tired of overpriced cookie dough fundraisers myself). I also believe that in the current economic climate more families are becoming aware of the importance of family time... TRUELY desiring to connect with those who are most important to them. With games that can be learned in under 5 min. and played in 30 min. or less it makes it easier to schedule the family time ( or friendly get togethers) much more often and create lifelong memorries with each other.
I contacted a woman who had just started w/ SF in Feb. of '09 and she was paying her mortgage every month. She invited me to come watch a game night with my oldest son and we both had so much fun! Everyone was laughing, talking and having fun- it truely was a party! I prayed some more and decided to join. Since I decided to switch in the middle of the holiday rush I only got one party scheduled for Dec. but I had good sales and ALL four guests booked game nights of their own. I currently have 8 parties on my schedule for Jan. and just opened a few more dates since it's double host credit next month and I'm getting more interest.
I have only been impressed with SF since I started. Two days after signing I got a call from the President of the company welcoming me and wanting to know what I wished

12-26-2009, 07:07 AM
i recently joined Blessings Unlimted and they are such an awesome company. The products have a message, and the business is very ministry oriented.

02-05-2010, 06:25 AM
I joined Blessings! See my siggy line for my website. I'm wondering if there are more Blessings people out there interested in having a Blessings Unlimited folder. I'd be happy to be the moderator. We need to generate interest for the admin to consider us. I'd love to get people more familiar with our product and simply get the NAME out there.

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