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12-01-2009, 07:00 PM
Grab Your Position To "UltraXSuccess" 1x3 Matrix!

Ever been in a matrix program that just doesnt work out how you expected? This will change that.

They guarantee your FIRST PAYMENT inside 7 days.


They GUARANTEE your FIRST Stage 1 cycle in 3 weeks AT THE VERY LATEST!



After week three you will cycle stage 1 again AT LEAST ONCE every three weeks. Even if you never sponsor anyone again. As long as you keep your subscription active.

Now with that shocking revelation out of the way, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

Our system is a very simple, very straight forward 3 stage forced matrix system.

Sign up for our weekly subscription at $5.00 a week.

Every week you maintain your membership, you receive a new 3x1 matrix in Stage 1.

Your FIRST filled position in every Stage 1 matrix will 'Pay You Back' the $5.00 it cost you to activate it.

Complete your Stage 1 matrix by filling the remaining two positions and you 'cycle.'

STAGE 1 - 3x1 Matrix

On cycling Stage 1 you receive a FREE entry into Stage 2.


A FREE regenerated matrix in either Stage 1 if its your last open one to cycle or another one in Stage 2 if you have two or more open at NO extra out of pocket cost!

Your first and every regenerated matrix will place in your sponsors active matrix for that stage.

STAGE 2 - 3x2 Matrix

On completion it pays out $15.00 to YOU.


$0.50 Cycle Bonus to everyone up ten levels in your upline.

PLUS! A FREE entry into Stage 3 at NO extra out of pocket cost!

STAGE 2 - 3x3 Matrix

The end of cycle payout to YOU is $500.00 PLUS!

$5.00 Cycle Bonus to everyone up ten levels in your upline.

Earn $500 Over & Over & Over Etc............

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