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11-30-2009, 06:30 PM
Okay, let's admit it. We are always on the lookout for the best deals, lowest prices and ways to make life a little bit easier. I want to share a tool with you that I have been using to make that happen.

-You won't have to change anything you do to your computer.
-You will not be spammed to death.
-No offers.
-No useless surveys.
-No fees involved.
-This is not a MLM project.

What it is though, is simply a tool that lets you accumulate points as you search the internet. It is called SWAG BUCKS! All you do is register and download the Swag Bucks toolbar and you are on your way to start earning Swag Bucks.

Remember, no fees are involved. You simply download a Swag Bucks toolbar from the link below and start using Swag Bucks to surf the net. Swag Bucks search engine is powered by GOOGLE AND ASK.COM.

You earn Swag Bucks (points) that are redeemable for cash or popular gift cards such as AMAZON.COM, TARGET, BARNES AND NOBLE, STARBUCKS AND JC PENNEY...and many more. Swag Bucks can be redeemed for cash as well.

When you sign up, you will immediately receive 3 Swag Bucks in your account, and 1 Swag Buck when you perform your first search.

* Right now, I am averaging 1-2 Amazon Gift Cards per week doing nothing more than searching the internet like I always do.


Extra ways to earn Swag Bucks:

1. Sign up friends to use Swag Bucks to search the internet...when they earn Swag Bucks from searching, you earn a matching amount of Swag Bucks (up to 100 Swag Buck per friend).
2. Read the swag bucks blog (I like the Swag Guy blog). He shows you how to earn extra Swag Bucks!


Here is a list of popular and most commonly visited websites that people like you often visit, sometimes several times a day. It is part of your lifestyle. Why not let it help you earn Swag Bucks:

* Check your Email.
* Log into Facebook.
* Log into Myspace.
* Check Ebay, etc...you get the picture (sites you would visit everyday, several times a day).

Keep in mind that all of the above mentioned ways to earn extra Swag Bucks are optional. You still earn Swag Bucks just by performing the searches on the internet as you normally would.

The Swag Bucks are distributed randomly throughout the day. I usually get a few first thing in the morning and 1 or 2 at night. The Swag Bucks toolbar always shows you how many Swag Bucks you have in your account. It really is easy and fun and a good feeling when you start seeing the Swag Bucks adding up very quickly. And of course, it is always fun to shop!

You save your Swag Bucks until you are ready to redeem them for gift cards, cool electronic items (iPhone, iTouch, HD camcorders, Flat Panel HDTV, GPS, cash in your PayPal account,and much more) at the Swag Store. My favorite thing to do is to redeem Swag Bucks for Amazon Gift Cards.

Give it a try. If you don't want to use Swag Bucks anymore, just delete your toolbar and continue to search the internet the way you used to. You won't loose anything by trying, but you will gain Swag Bucks, which is equal to free gifts and cash!

So, do your research on the link below and I hope you sign up and start Swagging with me. Also check out the Swag Store. Thanks, sign up, have your friends sign up, have fun and start earning!

swagbucks.com: Swag Store (http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/Frizzee)