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11-22-2009, 10:33 AM
Hello gift ladies!

I was wondering if we could get a comparison between these 2 companies right here on the forum for curious minds like mine. They seem to be that at first glance look the most alike. The only difference that stands out to me is that 31 charges for embroidery.

How about start up costs? commission? Minimums? Activity levels? Guarantees? Returns any other pertinent info.

Or in lieu of turning this into a "competition" maybe just post in your own folder the benefits of having a business with 31 or Initials Inc .I Ihope you will feel comfortable posting here rather than doing a personal message as I know others are probably interested too! Thanks!

12-10-2009, 05:05 PM
Well..... I did do some long research on a majority of the purse/bag/gift etc...companies here on the board plus some...

Just from looking at the Initials site... I preferred the look and product offering of a some of the others. So I started there...

I found that Thirty One had a great selection, great prices. Yes, embroidery is a fee...but its not so much the embroidery I am selling...but the bags themselves.

I then looked seriously also at Gigi Hill.... I loved their concept and style....but the options were limited and the prices were a bit high for my area & friend opinions.

I am obviously biased now.. because I chose Thirty-One.

I cant really compare evenly because for "'me" 31 was my fit.

Doesnt help much, but if you choose to look more into 31...throw me a line :)