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08-19-2009, 10:42 AM
Does Scentsy have a limit on how many times you can be a host of your own party. For eg, if you have outside orders and you put them all together to make it a party, are you able to be your own host and get the free products? I know one jewelry company where you are allowed I think only 4x a year to be a hostess as well as consultant.

I actually joined Scentsy with someone local but have not gotten around to working it much until a few days ago or reading the policies etc. I went a bit crazyand joined this , 31 and the 1st one i did before these two Private Quarters
but yes find it difficult to focus. PQ has great products but more on the pricey end so it's been kinda hard lately to get parties. So i thought i would turn my focus on Scentsy.

Especially since my niece from out of state joined and she is so excited about Scentsy, got me moving too especially since i would become inactive at the end of this month if i don't get any orders. Her first order was over$400 and she has 3 bookings so far.

So i got moving a few days ago and in one day i was able to get about $163 worth of orders, but 2 are family, one is a friend . One family member spent about $90 for gifts and herself. Sometimes you have to show them more than once, the one friend, i gave her a catalog last time, no response, then this time we had coffee and she looked at it again and ordered, also i did tell her i was going inactive but
after looking at the catalog more, i think she really liked what she saw. Then my sister in law absolutely was not interested but my brother looked at the catalog, then she looked at it again, saw the car candles, sprays. i got her into smelling the scents, she ended up ordering about $45 worth of stuff not counting tax.

Another was a business who already had 2 warmers and she said the girl didn't come back, didn't know her name and i asked my sponsor, she said she had never sold to any business so i went back there and she ordered about $90 worth of it not incl tax.

Okay, here is my real question. I'm trying to see if this will really work in the long run. My local sponsor is not that excited anymore. I think one, because she found some of the scent doesn't last long. Also she said the spray seems truer to the scent and from what i gather i guess she thinks it's stronger. Do you find that true? but i think the main reason is she said she is having a hard time booking parties, i haven't tried yet just sold here and there to 4 people so not sure how that will work out.

I did find the perfectly pomegranate faint, the verbena berry stronger, however I wasn't to crazy about the smell. However, I love, love, love the camu camu. I got the spray with my kit.

I wanted to know if you guys have alot of repeat customers or and customers who complain that the smell is faint and doesn't last. Last night, my mom somewhat discouraged me, she said yes, you sold $90 but how much did you earn $20, actually $18 but i told her the big money is from recruiting and building up a big group sales volume. I have to admit I miss the jewelry sales that has parties $1000 and getting 50% (Premier). But it looks like this stuff does sell, my concern is complaints if people comes back, oh i can't really smell anything or this stuff doesn't last so do you guys get that?

Also, after burning the candles you can't leave it in the warmer, right, needs to go back in the box because then the smell goes away. I guess i'm having a difficult time to believe that the 1 scentsy bar last 60hrs. Please share. Thanks.

08-19-2009, 11:28 AM
First of all, congratulations on getting back into it and getting some orders!
I have never had any customer complaints about the scents. I have tons of re-order customers too! There is no limit on taking orders and placing them with you as the Hostess. That is one of the things I love about Scentsy!
I find that usually once people order, they are more likely to book to get some of the free and half price stuff for themselves.
Yes people do love the room sprays also, but the majority of my customers order warmers and bars. They love the products and with all the great things coming up in the Fall & Winter catalog I am finding even more of my repeat customers and hostesses want to have parties with the new catalog. And I have only done about 5 In-Home parties since starting, most of my orders come from Basket Parties. Now the ones who have done Basket Parties are coming to me wanting to do In-Home parties!
Things are getting really exciting! You can do this!
Good luck to you and let us know if there is anything else you need help with! :)

08-19-2009, 11:32 AM
Oh about the bars lasting 60 hours....are you just using 1 cube at a time? I find that sometimes I can get 2-3 days out of 1 cube. That's pretty good I think! They figure 10 hours per cube, but most of the time I get more out of them than that! It all depends on which scent it is. Some are alot stronger than others.

08-19-2009, 11:51 AM
Lisa for the info. I appreciate it. You know one of the things I like about this is how you can do scentsy basket party. But since I'm just really starting to get into this now, placing my 1st order tonight from the 4 people and not having done a launch party yet. I really would like to do that but find the baskets quite expensive.
How many do you have and did you buy it from Scentsy or elsewhere..i know there's that lady etc..something email?
Did you fill your yourself or bought it filled? on your basket testers, how many scents do you have, all 80?
Yeah, i'm a bit nervous because the one business place which is like a juice place, i didn't realize she would order that much the $90..turned out to be about 24 scents..with the 5 one get 1 free plus the 10% so she was just ordering from the description and then had another employee pick the rest but i changed like 4 of them since i suggested some.

Anyway , anymore info to my questions would be great. Thank you.

08-19-2009, 12:50 PM
Yeah they can be a little pricey, but I have made my money invested in them back quite a few times!
I have 5 sets right now. I made my own and got my containers from samplecontainerstore. They have the labels and everything! You get enough to make 3 sets plus have a few extras for Scent of the Month.
I have 2 sets from the containers I bought at W.Mart. I don't like those very well because I noticed after a while, the scents start to blend. With the other ones, the lids are attached and they are small and more compact and I can fit them all into a drawstring bag along with catalogs and order forms.
I use all 80 scents in my Basket Parties.

08-20-2009, 03:25 AM
Also, after burning the candles you can't leave it in the warmer, right, needs to go back in the box because then the smell goes away. I guess i'm having a difficult time to believe that the 1 scentsy bar last 60hrs. Please share. Thanks.

You do not have to put the scent back in the box. If you want to change scents and you still have scent in the wax you are using you can pour the wax back in the container for later use. But, if you are just warming the same scent for several days/week you can leave it in your warmer.

Some scents are naturally stronger than others. Personally I don't like scents that are too strong and I have some customers that feel the same way so it's nice to have some scents that are lighter than others. I always use one cube at a time. I have never had a customer tell me Scentsy is not strong enough.

If you build your customer base you will likely see re-orders come your way. If your customers use email be sure to ask them if you can add them to your newsletter mailing so they are reminded to re-order each month. It's a great tool that comes with our websites so try to take advantage of it.

Good luck. :)

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