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View Full Version : Introducing Watkins to New Mom's

08-13-2009, 06:10 AM
My sister has become a Watkins associate, and at the end of August we're going to try our first Natural Living get together.

I've been selling biscotti made with Watkins at the local farmers markets for about 6 weeks? And my customer base is growing (as well as signing 3 new associates in that time) and although I've taken alot of phone calls and done ALOT of talking with people at the markets (and selling alot of liniment and medicated ointment and vanilla!) this is going to be my first presentation.

I have a few demo's that I'd like to do (the vanilla comparison, and chicken soup base). We're also going to make some dips to try.

We're going to ofcourse have the handsoap in the bathroom, a sink full of Watkins dish soap for coffee mugs to be washed, and the house will be cleaned (as always) with the natural cleaning line.

Most of the ladies that are attending are going to have their children with them, so this is going to be somewhat casual. But, does anyone have any suggestions or things that have worked well for them? For many of these ladies, this is their first introduction to Watkins, and although I've been doing this for weeks and weeks now at people passing my tent, I'm prepared for an in-home presentation to be a little different.

The Watkins Man
08-13-2009, 10:02 AM
You could also play the dvd door to door.

08-14-2009, 01:58 PM
When I hosted my first event, I encouraged the mom's bring their kids. Basically, the kids played together outside while the mom's enjoyed some social gathering time.

Being of warm weather, I would stick to three different dips; one spicey or with a bit (I like the horseradish & bacon), the cucumber dill (it has a ranch flare that the kids like, and maybe the mandarin orange mixed with cool whip and served with nilla waffers and/or fruit.

I like serving the horseradish and bacon with potato chips and pretzels. It's a wonderful topping for baked potatoes and this gives the guests an idea of the flavor.

I like serving the cucumber dill with veggies.

Something with the BBQ sauce would be nice too offer as well.

I also like to have a dessert per se; cookies, sweet bread, etc.

I also had lotions out and about and encouraged guests to try them. The peppermint foot products are a super way to show mom's how to unwind. I also had some cold & flu products on display as well as had some breath easy drops already on some tissues for folks to sniff.

I also did a 'warm up' event where I served chicken noodle soup and our beer bread (galic & cheesse) along with mini pies. I did that event in January when it was cold and had warm comfy foods available.

Have fun with it. You will be surprised on how folks will flip throught he catalog and exchange notes with each other.

If folks ask when you are going to place the order, be sure you have a pre arranged closing date for receiving orders. I suggest that you only allow a couple two three days beyond your show. Anything longer, folks tend to forget. However, a follow up call can cure that problem! LOL!;)

Keep us posted on how your event goes.

Oh, one last thing. If you have samples on hand, be sure to do some sort of door prize so nobody leaves empty handed. :)

08-21-2009, 08:12 AM
I have had some successful home gatherings. One fun game we played was guess the spice/extract scent. I covered the labels and numbered them. To introduce the "green" cleaning products, I played the green game--they received points for various green (color) items like green eyes, green couch, green house, green clothing on, etc. I find THE most important thing to do is if you have any customers who are "sold" on a product, let them do the raving instead of you. I do this during introduction time usually by asking each to introduce themselves and their fave product and why or stating that this is their first introduction to Watkins. I am always pleasantly surprised by the Watkins compliments--many saying their mothers or grandmothers used this or that. Good luck!


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