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06-28-2009, 03:51 PM
Wanting to know if Zurvita is right for you or if you should join Zurvita?

Here are the top 10 reasons why I believe you should begin building a Zurvita business with me today!

1. You need immediate income

With Zurvita, your opportunity to earn income is immediate. We work
to help our new consultants earn their first $1,000 within 30-60 days
of start. In fact, there is a $100 bonus that we will teach you how
you can hit in your first 2-3 days.

2. You need a residual income

Along with the great bonuses Zurvita offers, the most powerful part
of our plan is building a long-term residual income. Think about it
this way: Once a month, you are going to get paid money based on work
you did previously. Not only will you get paid on the work you did,
but you will also get paid on the efforts of others.

3. You are sick of your job but feel trapped

Here is one that a lot of people can relate to. You go to work
every day. You don’t like your boss. Your career is at a stand
still. You have no room for advancement. There’s no chance for a

Any of those sound like you? Trust me, I can relate! But the great
thing with Zurvita is, you do not have to worry about any of that. You
don’t have to drive into an office (your office is somewhere within
your home). You do not have a boss. You can grow your Zurvita
business or career, and the only one in your way is you. You can
advance as high as you want and earn as much as you want, when you want.

4. You’ve lost your job and needing a financial breakthrough

Lets face it, the job market is tough right now. Finding a job in
general is tough, much more so if you are in a specialized area. I’m
not saying that you can step into Zurvita and make a full-time income
immediately, but if you work hard and follow directions, giving it all
you have, you can begin to make money immediately.

5. You like to travel

Do you like to go on cruises? How about to island paradise resorts? Mountain lodges? Or just to the beach?

When you are successful with Zurvita, you can vacation when you want
and take your business with you (or just take some time off). But on
top of that, if you really like to vacation, vacation on Zurvita’s
dime. Zurvita rewards top performers with trips. You can be a top
performer and earn this trip.

6. You want to associate with successful people

Zurvita is full of successful people from all walks of life.
Doctors, car salesmen, radio personalities, teachers, nurses,
preachers, software engineers, and many, many more people have
developed success with Zurvita. These people are great to learn from,
to associate with, and to select to be mentors.

7. You want to be with a company that is going places

Zurvita is a young company. We are continually growing (600% in the
last 6 months), adding new products and services, and always looking
for someone who wants to change their lives, develop another income, or
just simply get more out of life. We are about to be in
telecom…something new to Zurvita and very exciting. A company named
Excel had a similar pay plan to ours and made a lot of ordinary people
an extrordinary income.

8. You want to do something that helps others

Zurvita’s business model is geared towards helping others succeed.
The more people you help, the more successful you become. Beyond
building a network, though, our products are geared towards giving
individuals and family savigns, peace of mine, and protection. So you
have multiple ways to help people in their situation.

9. You want to develop leadership skills

A lot of people confuse leadership with great public speaking, tons
of people that look up to them, looking good, etc…and that is simply
not the case. In fact, good leadership in Zurvita comes from the
desires of #8 above: Helping others. You do not need a management
background, a knack for public speaking, or anything like that in
Zurvita. You simply need a desire to help others. As you join with us
in doing that, your ability to be a leader will develop as well.

And we care about your development as a leader within our company. In fact, Mark Jarvis, the president and founder of Zurvita said at our kick-off weekend that he has mulitple goals for leaders within the company.
<ul> He wants a culture of humble leadership. In fact, he views this so
highly that he made this one of Zurvita’s founding principles. He wants leaders that are leaders in multiple areas of life, not
just the business. One example he brought up in this is to help all of
the leaders in Zurvita be debt free. He plans on helping the leaders
develop good financial habits as their income increases.[/list]

So leadership is not a skill required to come in. In fact, you do
not even have to be good at it at first. But as you grow with us (and
we’ll grow together), your ability to be a leader will grow as well.

10. You want to be recognized

Believe it or not, but in a corporate job I’ve held, one of the
constant complaints that were brought up on job satisfaction surveys
were that people were not recognized enough. People simply love to be
recognized, no matter how large or small the recognition is.

Zurvita works hard on recognizing people who are building their business. Work with us and let us recognize you.

So get started with Zurvita today! You can sign-up immediately by visiting my website: http://brent.zurvita.biz (http://brent.zurvita.biz/).

If you have specific questions, feel free to call me directly: 501-472-3164.
I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about
Zurvita, the Zurvita business plan, and how we will help you become
successful in Zurvita.

If you want FREE information on our Internet marketing system and how we help others become successful, simply enroll at http://www.BrentsPlan.com (http://www.brentsplan.com/).

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