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View Full Version : Starting an Arbonne business?

06-08-2009, 05:24 AM
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Hello ladies!

name is Cara and I live in Colorado
(Boulder-Denver area). I'm a stay at home mom and am working on getting
some online businesses going. My goal is to have, by the end of this
year, several successful income streams online and offline. I'm
interested in a direct sales cosmetics business for one of those income
streams. I cross-posted this to the Jafra and Mary Kay forums too. I am researching
and I can't decide between Jafra, Mary Kay,
and Arbonne; I'm also looking a bit at BeautiControl. I know I love Mary Kay and Arbonne products, but I have
never used Jafra. :) To be honest, part of the appeal of a cosmetics
business is
because I'm a makeup and skin care freak and it will be lovely to get
great products at a discount. Plus, it shows how passionate I am about skin care and helping other women feel good. smileys/smiley1.gif I don't want to just be a personal use
consultant, though. I have some great, creative ideas for building the
business online with internet marketing and attraction marketing
methods. I also can empathize with and appeal to women with "exotic" skin
tones who have a hard time finding a foundation shade to match their
skin, because I am one of those women, LOL. I am of mixed ancestry,
have a medium skin tone and olive undertones. I've yet to find my
perfect match. I've seen that Arbonne offers several shades, but I haven't tried any Arbonne foundation yet. Would Arbonne be a good cosmetics business for
marketing? Viral marketing is huge and there are lots of people like
me searching for Arbonne products and business opp online. I want to
use creative ideas to tap into that. I'm wondering about some pros and
cons of Mary Kay vs. Jafra vs. Arbonne, etc, as a business and products.

Please, feel free to post here or PM me. Thanks! Have a great week!smileys/smiley4.gif


06-09-2009, 04:37 PM
Just PM'd you!