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View Full Version : Become a USA Drug Plan Rep!

06-01-2009, 12:12 PM
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How would you like to help people save an average of 15% or more on Brand Named Drugs and an average of 55% or more on Generics, and earn money each time they fill a prescription?

Cost to join? Only $49.95 for the 1st year</span>, then $29.95 a year</span> afterwards! NO MONTHLY FEES</span>!

You will however need to place orders for your own Discount Drug Cards!

It takes about 90 days after a card is used to get paid; it will then be automatically deposited to your checking account once a month.</span>

Click HERE</font></span> (http://freeusadrugplan.com/savings4all) and have a look at what your website will look like!

You give away FREE Discount Drug Cards</span> and earn 50 cents per script</span> and when you refer other USA Drug Plan reps who do the same, you make 20 cents per script</span>, whenever the Discount Drug Cardsthey gave away are used!

Let's do the math:

You give away, for example, 2,500 discount drug cards</span> to different agencies, like churches, non-profit, etc. and when these cards are used, you make 50 cents x 2,500 prescriptions</span> = $1,250 a month</span>! If those 2,500 individuals fill 2 prescriptions a month</span>, that doubles to $2,500 a month</span>!

Now lets say you sign up 10 Drug Card Reps</span> who all give away 2500 Discount Drug Cards</span> which are all used!This will bea combined effort of 2500 Discount Drug Cards x 10 reps</span> = 25000 Discount Drug Cards/Prescriptions</span>! You will make 20 cents x 25000 prescriptions</span> = $5000 monthly</span>!

Points to note! Some people fill more than one prescription, so the amount per month can be higher!

The monthly amount will stay that way for as long as the cardholders continue using the cards</span>!

Click HERE</font></span> (http://www.ucarep.com/SignUp/USA%20Drug%20IRS%203%20page%20FAX.pdf) and a PDF form will appear! Print out, Fill in and Fax in!

You will need Sponsor name</span>: Ainsworth Moore</span> and Sponsor ID</span>: 023 </span>to be placed on the form!

Any questions? </span>We also haveConference calls and webinars!</span></span>
Conference Calls:</span></span>
646-519-5860 PIN # 1707</span>
</span>Tuesday</span> at </span>9 PM EST.</span> - UCA's business opportunity call, learn and ask questions
</span>Thursday</span> at </span>9 PM EST.</span> - Product details &amp; exciting money-making business</span></span>
Sunday</span> at </span>10 PM EST.</span> - Business opportunity call, learn how to market UCA and ask questions</span></span>
Go to </span>http://drugcard.glance.net</font> (http://drugcard.glance.net/)</span>, then dial </span>212-461-5800 PIN # 9164</span>, then you will be given a 4 digit session code for the website!</span></span>
Tuesday</span> at </span>3:30 PM and 8 PM est.</span> - </span>Business training call, learn and ask questions</span>
</span>Saturday</span> at </span>10 AM est.</span> - </span>Business training call &amp; exciting money-making business</span></span>
If you want to talk with me, please call Ainsworth Moore at 816-399-0131.</span>

Thanks for reading!</span>