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View Full Version : New to NEC and have Questions

05-16-2009, 05:14 AM
I am thinking about giving NEC a try. I know that you are not going to get rich or anything but I do have a few questions. One is once you are approved how many of these items can be made in a week or month(obviously it depends on the project). I am looking at starting with what issaid to be one of the easier projects such as the drum or magnets scottie orcat. Any suggestionsor knowlege of which is easiest. I can paint a some(it has been a few years), sew a little by hand or machine, and havedone some crafts for fairs in the past, just togive an idea of my skills. I know that the info they provide says that you make between $400-450 for some kits or less for others. How many are in a kit/how many can be made from a kit if done correctly? Is it reasonable to think that I can complete one kit in a month once I get proficent at a project? Just curious. As I said I know that it won't make me rich but seems a lot more fun to make crafts than some of the other opportunities that are available to me as a SAHM of soon to be 4 under the age of 4. Obviously with this crowd some of the more profitable opportunities are not possible for me as it is never quiet here, but I do get some down time and would like to help the family financially regardless of how small it might be.

Feel free to PM the info it you would like to avoid cluttering the board too much.


05-16-2009, 07:55 AM
When you order a kit, you receive material for 3 tries of your project. If you're not approved after 3 tries, you receive material for 3 more tries at no extra charge. If after 5 tries you decide that this project is not for you, you can switch to a different project at no charge other than your time. How many tries does it usually take? Anywhere from 2 to 6 or 7 tries. The turnaround time for each critique of your project try is around 3 weeks. Once approved you get a unit of 10 to do. Depending on the quality of it and the time required to do it, you will either stay at 10 or move up to 50 pieces. Once you move up to 50 pieces, you can increase your quantity by 50 each time provided your quality remains good and you meet their 10 day deadline. If you take longer than 10 days to do 50 pieces, you will remain at 50 pieces per unit. Most of us choose to stay at 50 pieces and do multiple projects. This gives us a more consistent stream of income and avoids project burnout. I've done 100 a few times and by the time I've finished and sent them in, I'm really tired of doing them, so 50 works better for me. Depending on the pay per piece ($1, $1.50,or $2)you can reasonably expect to make either $50, $75, or $100 for a unit. It is reasonable to expect to make at least one of these units of 50 a month. In the last year on this forum, I've not heard of anyone making the maximum level of any unit. So the $400-$450 amount is rather unrealistic, but not impossible.

What I like about this is that once you're approved, you can craft with confidence that you'll be paid for what you make, unlike craft fairs, as long as your quality remains good. NEC supplies the material you need and pays for postage both ways. Prior to approval, you pay for the postage both ways.

I hope this information helps you. If you have more questions, feel free to either post here or pm me.


05-16-2009, 08:55 AM
Thanks for the info that really helps.