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04-16-2009, 09:13 AM
http://www.maxgxlrocks.com (http://www.maxgxlrocks.com/)

<DIV align=center>7 Ways To Earn!

1. Retail Commissions
All Associates can buy products at wholesale and sell them at retail.
2. Preferred Customer Commissions
All active Associates are paid a full 25% commission on every order placed by their personally-enrolled Preferred Customers. Any volume that is generated from Preferred Customers orders counts towards personal volume requirements and all personal volume over 100 CV is added to the Pay Leg volume. Preferred Customer Commissions are paid on the Friday of the week following the sale of the product.
There is no cost to become a Preferred Customer; however Preferred Customers must be on autoship in order to participate in the program and to get product at the wholesale price.
3. Auto &amp; Travel Cash Allowances
The combined income of various bonuses along with the number of personally-enrolled Gold (or higher) Associates, determines the Associate’s Leadership Rank, which in turn determines both the Luxury Car Allowance and the Travel Allowance the Associate receives each month. See PDF for details.
4. FastTrack Commissions
There are different new Product Pack options to choose from. The Fast Track commissions on the Product Packs are paid to both the enrolling Associate who sells a Product Pack to the new Associate within 60 days of enrollment, and to the enrolling Associate’s sponsor.
5. Global Leadership Bonus Pool
Two percent (2%) of the global company Team Commissionable Volume (CV) is put into a Global Leadership Bonus Pool. For each 1,000 CV that an Associate’s Pay Leg volume grows vs. the prior month, the Associate will receive one share of the Bonus Pool. This bonus ends when the Associate reaches the Platinum Associate level. This bonus is designed to reward the NEW builders.
6. Team Commissions
All qualified Associates will earn 10% of the total CV in their smaller team (Pay team) per month. A maximum of $25,000 (250,000 CV) in Team Commissions can be earned per month. No more than 250,000 CV will be carried forward in the Greater Team from month to month.
In order for a business center to pay Team Commissions the Associate must enroll a minimum of two Associates, both who remain active (with a minimum of 50 CV each month) and are placed one on the left sales team and the other on the right sales team. Until this happens, Any Total Pay Volume earned will be calculated as if it were being paid, then the Total Pay Volume will be carried forward into the next month’s lesser team. Any remaining Strong Team Volume will also be carried forward into the next month.
7. Unlimited Seven-Level Matching Check Bonuses
Qualified Associates must generate a minimum of 100 CV each month, and enroll a minimum of two Associates on their right sales team, and on their left sales team to earn Matching Check Bonuses on the Team Commissions of the qualified Associates up to the 7th generation in their Enrollment Tree. Each personally-enrolled Associate within their organization is considered their 1st generation. Subsequently, when a personally-enrolled Associate enrolls a new Associate, that new Associate becomes their 2nd generation, and so on through seven levels.
The level of Matching Check Bonuses an Associate receives is determined by the number and location (right or left sales team) of the newly enrolled Associates. Stable organizations are built and long-term income is created by placing Associates equally in both the left and right sales teams. For example, if an Associate enrolls four people and places two in the left sales team and two in the right sales team, then the Associate will receives a Tier 1 Matching Check Bonus of 25% on Level One and 8% on Level Two of their Enrollment Tree. The qualifications required for Matching Check Bonuses are defined below.
Unlimited sponsoring = unlimited checks. Associates are paid on all personally enrolled Associates to unlimited width and does not stop at 28 personally enrolled Associates.